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Friday, May 26, 2006

Memorial Day Deer Reunion

Base of the Hills, MS> The editor of the Bodock Times has just received a note from Thunderhoof that his family reunion is this weekend.
Activities planned are a daylight swim at the lake Saturday morning.
Trail walking, sightseeing later followed by a big clover eating at the Number 1 field that afternoon. Later there will be a crop circle contest in the big cornfields.
Dinner will be honeysuckle, more clover, wild strawberries, and of course, rye grass.
That night there will be a fun raid on the apple trees at the Howell Camphouse.
Sunday activities are a morning scouting trip with Thunderhoof to show all the bucks the hidden deer stands around the property. Lunch will be at the Odom Stand for the secret stuff Trent planted last fall. The afternoon will be woodcraft and how to avoid the stupid hunters. Swimming at the lake, horn bashing contest, dinner at the field of your choice, dessert in Pops garden and fireworks as we make Pop mad by eating up his garden.
Come early and have fun!


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