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Monday, October 09, 2006


University, MS> Homecoming weekend at Ole Miss! The weather was perfect and the Grove was filled with tailgaters cooking, drinking and enjoying the morning. We met Mark at his tent and had those early morning beverages and talked to all our friends wandering by. I have been other places for tailgating but I promise that you have never seen anything like Ole Miss during a ballgame. The big trees, bright colors, beautiful women, and the excitement as 50 thousand people enjoy just being there together. To top it off, the OLE MISS REBELS won the game against Vanderbilt 17-10 despite themselves. We kept trying to figure out who side our quarterback was playing for. Lots of turnovers kept us in it and we celebrated as the final horn sounded. Burney, Paul, Lammey and his sons at Marks' tent
Dem Joneses were there! Kim, Tyler, and Kyle
The ladies! Kim Stewart, Wanda Howell, Kim Jones and Denise Sunderland
Mark Stewart, Paul Howell, Bill Howard and your friendly and modest blogger Rex Howell


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