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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Castle Blogging

Next Tuesday we leave for Ireland. I am having trouble with that stupid deer too. He says he is an Irish Elk and wants to go with us. I told him his horns were too big to get on the plane. HA!
I will give a ghost report from the battlements if possible and I am going to catch one of those damn leprechauns too. Keep him in my pocket.
I will be gone at least 10 days and would love for some of you to guest blog.
Marian has already voluteered to keep the joint open and I would really like for some of you guys to write a post or two and keep things running smooth.
Email me if you would be willing to help cover for me while I am gone.
If I see that Wallace guy over there, I will get his autograph.
I hope that stupid deer stays home.


At 9:49 AM, Anonymous Big Al said...

Hunt me up a ghost while ye be there. Placee is sposed to be crawl'n with'em.

Have a grand time!


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