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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Christmas Place Virtual Outfitters

The Christmas Place Virtual Outfitters now has ten "hunters" set up to visit the famous plantation. So far, the guest have been varied in their desire of what to do during the hunt. This is the breakdown so far.

Deer- Dayne, Marian, Big Al, Gary and Tom, Elizabeth
Hogs- GuyK, Enviro, Rhonda
Relaxation- Jody

I need to issue a warning (to someone with a pink fishing rod) that this is virtually serious and there are no pink deer running around the Christmas Place

Please sign up for the DCB Virtual Deer Hunt, I do not want to have to draft someone.



At 2:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Put me down for bobcats and ghosts.

At 4:12 PM, Blogger Andi said...

question for anyone who might know or be interested. Doing a research project and was wondering if hunters would be interested in a tree lock that attaches to the tree instead of wrapping around the tree? Or if you guys have had any tree stands stolen from you??? THX

At 4:33 PM, Blogger Andi said...

Click Here to take survey

At 10:47 PM, Anonymous Tom Sorenson said...

Hmm, so how does virtual venison taste? I'm all for finding out - I bet it just ain't real filling though...I'll pack a sack lunch just in case.

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