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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hallelujah, MS> It is now roughly 48 hours till the shooting starts for the opening day of deer season with rifles in Mississippi. No, I still have not found my insulated underwear or a bunch of my other crap, but I can assure you I am on GO.
There is not much to write about as we wait so a brief hodgepodge will have to do.
DEXTER- I can not say anything else. The pic below is Paul celebrating after the gigantic win against Tennessee. Left is Mark Larson and right is Bill Howard, I think they are still in the Grove drinking.
I want to thank everyone that made the Youth hunt successful. My cousins, Davin Lammey and Burney Howell. Our guest Ronnie and his son Nick, Paul, Micheal, Spencer, Erin (who was a blast), Ethan and especially Marian and Bob who are always great guest.

Thank you one and all, now let's get after those big bucks!


At 12:35 PM, Blogger EcoRover said...

Hi Rex, what address should I send my elk hunt pic for your Christmas Card? Hope your upcoming season is a good one--I'm all out of tags freezer space, so unless a buddy or two still needs a little help I'm done. - EcoRover (


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