Thursday, October 25, 2007

Idaho Salad

I have had several emails asking "What is Idaho Salad?"
Hershel Howell and his crew of motley hunters were at their Spike Camp high in the mountains of Idaho. They were hunting elk and had been there for a week as the snows covered them. Supplies were low, but finally the snow stopped and the sun came out. Far across the mountain they could make out the figure of a man trekking toward them. He finally crossed a log on the frozen stream beside them and edged up to the fire.
His name was Nelson Tucker and he had arrived carrying half a dozen rainbow trout on a stringer over his shoulder. He was welcomed and instantly became friends with everyone there. He had 2 bell peppers, and 2 tomatos in his pouch. Hershel said "If y'all will clean and cook the fish, I will make a salad." Dad had dug out a head of cabbage and started concocting the first Idaho Salad. It has been a staple of our camp for over twenty years now.

Head of cabbage
2 bell peppers cut up
2 tomatos cut up
Salt and pepper
a little oil
cup of sugar.
mix well and to taste
add anything else you want to throw in
P.S. Jody has a great recipe for grilled venison at The Hunters' Wife


Anonymous said...

This salad is so scrumptuous! Hershel is a wonderful cook and I look forward to His dinners at camp. When I make this salad at home I cut the sugar in half, though not as good it is still wonderful.Denise

Marian said...

I have had this salad and it is so good! Glad to get the recipe Rex and will make it for Bob and I. Thanks to you and your Dad! :)

Callie said...

So umm...please forgive my ignorance..I am just asking though...Basically is this coleslaw without the mayo?

I have had it before,,,but it isn't called Idaho Salad here- it's just that would taste good with some shrimp???


MIchelle Rene said...

Yes, I had something like this with sunflower seeds...yum!