Monday, February 25, 2008

What Will She Do?

I am sending the keys to my office over to Jody today and am very nervous over my first guest blogger. What will she blog about? I am sure she will mention what a handsome dude I am, of course. Then she could probably blog about that traitor Thunderhoof and how she has charmed that varmint. Probably riding around on his back right now. She can talk about her husband and how he is plotting to get down and hunt with me.
She can blog about going fishing with Dad, or helping me find the hidden treasure.
She might go over and visit the Pond Stand Ghost, and write a story about that.
Maybe she will invite some other lady hunters to get involved.
Any way she does it, I am sure that she will give a wry twist to her post and y'all will have a great time reading her.
PS- Warning!! Stay the hell away from KeesKennis. He is having way too much fun right now!


The Hunter's Wife said...

Seeing that this will be my first guest blogging experience you are making me even more nervous.

I've started a couple of my stories already and for some strange reason we actually think a lot alike!

SimplyOutdoors said...

Looking forward to Jody and her guest blogging gig. I have no doubt that the posts will be good.

Kristine said...

Don't be nervous Jody. You'll be fine.

Callie said...

I am sure it will be about how nice of a person you are and how wonderful it would be to be you with such an adventurous life, and kool people that care about you surrounding you.