Monday, March 03, 2008

Reverse Deertology

Water Valley, MS> I am back from the sunny shores of Florida and I want to thank my friend Jody at The Hunters Wife for her excellent posts on the site while I was gone.
There has been some misinformation passed on about that stupid Thunderhoof which does not bother me at all. Most people just faint when they see him and others make up stories so he sounds like a fawn or just another deer, so that no one else will know about him and hunt him. I am sure that Mark is behind this. Maybe I can get both of them down to visit and look the place over this summer.
Thanks to everyone that left comments, it was nice to check in and see how much fun everyone was having while I was away.
Saturday I played better golf but still did not score very well. I was just getting the hang of it as we passed the clubhouse and saw that stupid deer laying around eating peanuts and popcorn. Of course, everyone wanted their picture taken with him.
Stupid Deer thinks he is a celebrity.
Then he followed me around snickering at my golf shots all afternoon. Gave me the damn shanks, before he trotted off. Said he was going to the fountain for another drink. Worst caddy I ever had.


The Hunter's Wife said...

Welcome back!

Everyone knows the real size of Thunderhoof not my mini version.

Kristine said...

I kind of liked Jody's version of Thunderhoof. He was very cute and cuddly.

Maybe he could be "Son of Thunderhoof".

yoda said...

It's nice to see that you Mississippi Delta types are honoring the mule deer.

Mule Deer Fanatic