Friday, May 23, 2008

The Monster Feet

A version of this was printed on Jodys' site.

This is usually told to the younger kids around the campfire for fun at the famous Christmas Place.
Years ago, Trent and Dad came into the camp and told about some very large foot tracks they had found near their deer stands. We went to look at them and sure enough they were huge with big sharp claws for it’s toes. We knew that some strange and horrible creature had entered our woods and that we had to be careful.
Soon after that, the hunters started finding these tracks all over our place. They found them along old roads, in the mud on the edge of the lake and anyplace you might imagine that you could find foot tracks.
Everyone but the very bravest hunters were scared of the horrible creature and everyone was now afraid to go in the woods by themselves. Uncle Paul would just hide under his bed when he came to camp. They even found the giant tracks around the camp house where the monster had been watching them at night.
The terrifying apelike monster with it’s long fangs seemed to be waiting for just the right victim!
Trent said he was not afraid like Uncle Paul and vowed that he would get to the bottom of this mystery and put the beast on the hanging pole!
Trent started traveling around the property looking for signs of the creature.
One day he was easing along a narrow creek and he suddenly heard footsteps heading his way. He moved over, hid in the bushes and peeped out.
In the clearing in front of him he saw Rex come out of the woods and step down into the sandy creek bottom.
Rex stopped right in front of him, carefully looked all around and opened up his backpack. He took out the biggest set of monster shoes you can imagine, slipped them over his boots and started walking up and down in the soft sand while laughing the whole time. Uncle Trent was really mad that Uncle Rex had made up the dirty trick and was wearing the fake monster feet and making the tracks the whole time.


Marian Love Phillips said...

This is one of my favorite deer camp stories...

CDGardens said...

Great story...;)

The Adventurist said...

Good one. Do you think Rex travels around the world doing this joke? Could explain a lot of the Bigfoot it.