Monday, September 15, 2008

Before I Go

Am leaving in the morning before day. If anyone wants to post here please contact Marian or Jody, they have the keys and will handle anything that comes up.

I may be in Ireland but with the weather changing, I will be dreaming of Thunderhoof. Unless, of course that stupid deer follows me. I really need a vacation.
We will make sure to stop by Loch Ness and get a pic of Denise and Nessie together, and Big Al wants me to catch him a ghost or two.

Things are heating up at the camp and several super nice bucks have been seen just wandering around. I think that while I am away, they might actually get some work done. NAHHH! Dad has been dove hunting with his faithful companion Trigger and he is keeping Camo for me this week. I expect my dog to be a heck of a lot trimmer when I get back, if she doesn't starve to death.
Yes, Dad is still as mean and tough as ever and going strong.

The lake is full and any of you that are taking fishing notes needs to know that right now is the perfect time to be out there catching them. It is also time for me to be going up the lake to get my deerstand ready. I think Jody could catch a boatload, pink rod and all.

Will miss going to camp as the season turns but I can feel the pull on me everyday to get there. It will not be long until we are back there exchanging stories and strategies, lies and friendship, walking the woods and scouting for the elusive big buck. Take a breathe, deer season is coming. Back soon.


Mel said...

Have a great time, Rex! Thanks for the link to my blog. If I was able to be down your way, I would help tangle with a few of those fish you have in the lake. Remember, Big Herbie's out there somewhere.

SimplyOutdoors said...

Have a great time. I'm sure Jody will do a great job at holding the keys.

I so cannot wait for season to get here. Wish I could go to Ireland to pass the time. Maybe then it would get here sooner.

The Hunter's Wife said...

Have fun!!!