Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Road Trip - Christmas Place

Rex has invited me and my hunter to the famous Christmas Place on a few occasions. I love a good road trip but heading to the Christmas Place has me a bit concerned.

Will there be a Hilton in the area? And not Paris. The comfy kind with a pool, jacuzzi, bar.
Are there alligators?
Are there swampy things?
Will we be put to work at camp? I can't afford to break another finger nail.
Is it hunting season there?
Is Thunderhoof off limits?
Do I get a shirt like Marian?

These are just a few thoughts at the moment. I will add more in the next few days. I really have to give this some thought.

The Hunter's Wife


Marian Love Phillips said...

The Hunters Wife - I hope you and your hunter will get a chance to take a road trip to the Christmas's a very special place to be...I just love it! :)

My T-shirt is the one and have to talk to Rex!

SimplyOutdoors said...

Swampy things? That is hilarious.

CDGardens said...

Love it Jody! Keep up the good posting.