Monday, November 03, 2008

Deer Camp Confidential

It is time for you to pay attention so that when you come visit you will know exactly where to hunt. The interesting thing about writing this blog is that none of my family members will read it. So, if I give you information on here, they will not know about it. Still, read between the lines just in case.
Trent has been haunting the Secret Field and claims there is no real sign over there. I asked him where he was hunting opening day and he said "Oh, the Secret Field". Hmmm.
Paul has been creeping up and down the sand ditch that winds back around the mountain where he and Michael took some really nice bucks last year. The property next to us has been cutover and Paul is trying as hard as he can to poach over there when he has almost 2500 acres to hunt of our land. Good Luck!
The Privy Field is looking very, very good. Mark and I have that field in good shape.
We also went up the lake and there is a little sign up there. "Oh, we are hunting there opening day."
There seems to be a big buck roaming around the Pond Stand and the farmer has planted all of our cotton fields in winter wheat. When this comes up, deer ought to go crazy. I believe we have more deer than ever this year, a novice like Kristine could even get one if she would visit. Hell, even Bill or Mark could get one.


Big Al said...

Sounds like things are shaping up nicely for a good season.

The Hunter's Wife said...

That big buck may have just roamed his way to Indiana. Mark got one yesterday. I will be posting pictures tomorrow. Another one for the wall.

P.S. We are always game for a road trip.

Big Al said...

Say Rex, did I ever tell you about the dead deer I shot?

deerslayer said...

Seems like everybody is spread out across the property doing their own thing this year. Heck you might even get a shot at a good deer with all the planting done now. The big question is though " will the deer cooperate? ". Good luck to all the hunters.

NorCal Cazadora said...

Oooh, thanks for the tips - I'm on my way. Of course, Thunderhoof is still loafing around here...