Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Deer Party

Gutbucket, MS> Today is New Years Eve and I (for One) will be glad to get rid of 2008 and move into 2009. We are going into camp on the 1st for a long weekend and hopefully get a few more big bucks before the season is over.
Marian is coming over too! she and her husband Bob( which we have nicknamed Sparky) will be coming over to hunt with us for a few days. They are always a lot of fun and fit right in with everyone. Marian needs to blast a big old buck and I know just the place for her to go get one.
Then Friday, you need to set your TV dial to watch the OLE MISS REBELS take on TEXAS TECH in the Cotton Bowl. Should be a great game.
Here are a few pics of the last few weeks to check out

Erin and Sarah with Paul and Trents' deer. Spencer with my big buck. Did I mention that I got a deer?

Spencer had a Hunters Christmas. I would give Robert Sadowski's eyeteeth for the Browning shotgun he received. He got everything a boy could want. Warm hunting gear, grunt thingamajiggy, deer lure and the cool shotgun. I may have to borrow some of his stuff.

Last but not least Burney received the Gag gift of the year. Here he is receiving his wonderful present from some anonymous source. You would of thought he would have been thrilled, and the guys all offered to autograph it for him.
Here is a closeup of his gift. Thank God for PhotoShop.


Big Al said...

I've got the invite to go to couisns camp, now if I can clear the "work" hurdle maybe I'll have a chance at a good one too.

Y'all have fun, and I hope Marian gets herself a big'n!

CDGardens said...

Yes Siree I second that Big Buck for Marian!

What time is that game?

The Iowa Hawkeyes are playing at the Outback Bowl in Florida this morning,of course I have to be ready to cheer them on. ;)

JDP said...

Happy New Year!


deerslayer said...

Looks like all the planting paid off and all the good deer are already taken so I guess there's no need in me coming for a visit till next years hunting season. Hope 2009 is a great year for everyone at the camp and look forward to reading more of your great stories.