Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fashion Statements

What every well-dressed woman is wearing to the hanging pole these days!
This is right up Jody's alley.

While I was not protecting my inheritance, Dad slipped out and bought a brand-new truck. Guess the ashtrays were dirty on the old one.
I am asuming that this is what all the rich Delta farmers do every spring.


Deer Passion said...

!!! I am digging that coat!!! Every woman looks beautiful in fur!

Oh yeah... Nice truck too...

Live to Hunt.... said...

Nice!! If my wife knew that the women got fur coats at hunting camp she might even start coming!

GUYK said...

It is cold enough here to neuter Bambi! I need that coat to sleep in.

Looks like your Dad is trying to jumpstart the economy...thinking about doing it myself.

The Hunter's Wife said...

I love Denise's coat. It's perfect!

And nice truck!