Monday, February 16, 2009

Winning the Outdoor Trivia Contest

Last Friday I was invited to participate in Scott Lindens' Outdoor Trivia Show. Thank you Scott and Teena! This was a lot of fun and it turned out I was the Big Winner even though things rapidly turned strange during the contest.
The phone rang, we talked a few minutes and he asked me the first question.
(1.Hunting) How many times should Jody post the picture of the big buck that her husband killed?
(A.) That SOB was a monster, it should be posted EVERY DAY!
Ding! Correct!
(2.Fishing) You take a Canadian Ice Fisherman on a Grabbling trip. When you get to the log he asks what are you are going to use for bait? What do you say?
(A.) Bill Anderson!
Ding! Correct!
I was two for two and on a roll! Suddenly something strange happened. Over the phone I heard a loud commotion, then the sound of breaking glass, and between screams of terror, Scott shouted into the microphone
(3.Outdoors) Aieee! Who the hell is the giant crazy deer that is kicking in the walls of my studio! Help!Aieee!
(A.) That would be Thunderhoof of course!
The line went dead but I know I got that one right too.

I will post a copy/ or link to the broadcast if they ever get the studio put back together. Everyone please go visit a fun and creative bunch of guys at Scott Linden Outdoors.


Scott Linden said...

C'mon Rex, it didn't really happen like that. Here are the facts:

- Jody ... big buck ... can you say "Photoshop?"
- What self-respecting Canadian ice fisherman would be caught dead in the water? Too much like a bath!
- The in-studio commotion was actually my engineer trying to escape the terrifying, agonizing, pathetic and utterly unsuccessful attempts at the show host matching wits with the contestant ... 1/2 wit + 1/2 wit = 1 full wit.

Thanks for playing, you're a good sport. If I'm ever lost in the woods out your way, I'll likely be close enough to your deer camp to drop by. Save a drop for me!


Teena said...

PS. If anybody else wants to try their luck, send us an email and we'll get you scheduled!!!

The Hunter's Wife said...

I made the mistake of reading this to Mark. He is suggesting several areas on my site to place that picture.

And shame on Scott for saying photoshop. I would never...unless it was to do with my hair color.

Thanks Rex! ;)