Friday, June 19, 2009

The Missing Golf Shoe

After my weird day of golf with Denise and Camo, I put my clubs and golf cleats in the back seat of my SUV. On Wednesday, Mr. Jones called and we decided to play again late that afternoon. Opening my truck I discovered one of my golf shoes was missing. I tore the truck apart, but no shoe. Who would have stolen my shoe?
I thought about who I had seen or heard from lately that could have stolen my shoe. What twisted mind could conceive of the idea? I quickly wrote down the names of all the suspects.
1. Mark Stewart- He once stole my tennis shoes and said he was just taking them for a walk.
2. Trent Howell- with his agricultural golf swing is super jealous of me.
3. Camo- I will not let her drive the golf cart.
4. Denise- afraid I will go on the Tour and leave her with Camo.
5. Jody- trying to ban me because she is afraid I will win the Pulitzer Prize from my brilliantly conceived Blog Posts.
6. Othmar- He is trying to take over the world one shoe at a time.
7. Goon- jealous because he has to play golf in snow 11 months of the year.
I am hot on the case now and will discover the culprit soon.


Eunoia said...

Well, whoever stole it, has put his foot in it ;-)

KeesKennis said...

A slow mind explains all.
I Tink.
Losing a shoe, and not know.
The mind boggles.
Hi Rex.