Monday, July 20, 2009

Blood, Sweat and Hogs

San Quentin, MS> The weather was at least mild as we got up Saturday morning. By 6:30 we were all in the ditch below Dad's Pond digging to drain the damn thing. Everyone in camp was there except Paul (of course), he was hunting hogs. A gunshot rang out and by the time we finished he had arrived back at camp with a 185 lb. Porkulus Phillipicus.
While we worked he fooled around taking care of that and we moved on to the next chore, cutting grass. All of this was finished by Noon.
Marian "Vanna" Phillips had come over and we took photographs of all the classic cars we are giving away. Then we had our drunk cook dip into the hat for the big drawing.
I had to throw away a few names like (David Hyde). He needs a car like Jody needs a treestand or Phillip needs another hat.
We spent the afternoon cutting firewood up at the Odom Field while Trent was bushhoging. We came in tired and spent.
That night we had a wonderful feast with venison, chicken and of course, wild hog.
The first winner will be announced Tuesday. That is TOMORROW!


The Hunter's Wife said...

Does this mean I'm still in the drawing? :)

Editor said...

of course

Phillip said...

Porculus Phillipicus... I have to like that!

I was sure hoping to tune in and find out I had won myself a new car to store all my hats in. Guess I'll have to check in again tomorrow!

KeesKennis said...

You are so full of crap