Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh for "Blogger Babes" Sake!

Ritz Carlton, MS> The members at the famous Christmas Place have been extremely worried about the famous "blogger babe" known as Jody over at the Hunters Wife. She writes about hunting and fishing, but seems to have some weird phobia about dirt, bugs and creepy crawly gross things.
We all want her to come down and visit but spend a lot of time worrying about her. She doesn't hunt, won't touch a fish, owns no camo clothing and is not real fired up about being out in the woods at all.
Even though she has an aversion to the outdoor life, we think she could have a wonderful time visiting us.
We have miles and miles of roads to ride 4-wheelers, beautiful land and wildlife to enjoy, a big lake to fish in and a lot of fun people to be around.
In our discussion we finally touched on the number one thing that a woman needs to come and visit us. This is a decent bathroom and shower so she can stay clean and beautiful. After riding around or fishing she can come in and wash any trace of a bug off her body and get the squirrels out of her big hair.
A major effor was put into revamping our guest bathroom this weekend and it came out great.
Jody we are waiting on you.


Anonymous said...

ok, I like the camo shower curtain, but did you cover the window so all the guys can't see directly into the shower while we try to wash off all those nasty bugs?

Marian Love Phillips said...

That's a great idea what anonymous had to say....we don't want you all watching us wash off our dirt and bugs!! Love the camo curtains tho! ;)

The Hunter's Wife said...

You all are so sweet for thinking of me but I have a feeling Denise and Marian needed a nice powder room. Will there be an attendant there with my hand towel?

Mommy Cracked said...

Haha! You need to get the shower curtain in pink camo!

Anonymous said...

So, Mr. Editor: Has the shower window been covered?

Anonymous said...

We have painted the bathroom light taupe and green this week. Rex should have waited to present it to you all. It looks great! The window is covered so now the guys will have to find something else to watch! Denise P.S. Jody we really want you and your Hunter to come visit!

kimmy said...

Hey, I like the Camo Shower Curtains, But what about something a little "fishier". Haha :-) .