Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shhhh! It's Finally Quiet

Water Valley, MS> It is finally quiet at the office today. For the last month we have been busier than ever but there seems to be a quietness in the air this week.
Like the lull before the storm, I feel I am waiting. Everything is about to change with the beginning of fall. Dove season, Squirrel season, Ole Miss Football, and especially Deer season are just on the horizon.
I still have plenty of work to do, but find myself checking my blogroll more now than I did. I could even use some Boobies and Beer to start the day off.
I hope all of you are starting to feel the Anticipation of another great year just beginning.
Upcoming stories-
1. lots of stories about getting my worthless brothers to help with the planting.
2. Othmar's Dilemma
3. More on Toby Tubby and the Indian Gold
4. where is my Taxidermist?, (probably at Mark's house)
5. Ten-Point Club Meeting
6. Annual Interview With Thunderhoof
7. Dove season starts in Sept.


Live to Hunt.... said...

It does sort of feel like the calm before the proverbial storm, doesn't it! I am getting excited for the coming Fall as well. Enjoy the short peace!

Goon said...

ACTUALLY, the storm has started already, I shot my first Canadian Honker on 20 august. Yep, early goose in North Dakota.