Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blogging With Camo

wter Valey, MS> rex ix mad. It is still rainin. He is so mad he let me blog today. I looked at his links. Mr. Rasch had a good post about ante hunters. Some people do not know that nature is meaner than humans. I looked at my favorite human girls blog. Jody has a husband for rent. We could hire him to skin those nasty hogs. I hate a hog almost as much as a deer.
holly is blogin about Jack rabbits. I hate them and their big ears. I had to go to another site befre I bit the computer. Matt was digging in a yard, looked like fun. Kristine wants guest blog posts for the OBS. I think I will send one in. Check d on KeesKennis, he writes almost gooder'n me.
Moose is mad because me an Thunderhoof stole a bulldozier. I also want to go see CDGarden, her dog likes to blog too!
PS none of these stupid humans has killed one of those nasty, horrible deerses yet.


CDGardens said...

Thanks Camo for the mention...Sadie has been really busy this summer being a supeevisor, not much interested in pawing the keyboard.;)

KeesKennis said...

You blinkin' dawwwg, so you think you write better-rrrr than me, a baboon? But I tell you your human is more stupider-rrr and clever than you and me together!You think those hogs'es and deers'es are mentally stunted but they are more clever'rrr than you, me and your human 2gether. I am the baboon owned by seven cats and the Cat's Mother.By the way, how do you handle the keyboard? Here, doggie, good, Camo, bye for now.