Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Expert

"An expert is anyone over 20 miles from home carrying a briefcase."
Today will be a busy day for me. I have to go to Charleston, MS, Oakland and Coffeeville to work on appraisals.
I have been doing this for 20 years and even though I sometimes get worn out, I always enjoy figuring the valuation of property. Sometimes people even call me wanting to know what I think about the housing market, or home and land values.
It is good to be an expert (if you don't over-do it)
Phillip is good at this and is a real expert on hog hunting. Dayne is great at posting stories that relate to hunting and blogging and lets you pick out the kernels you need to get better with your blog or job. I would not go to Texas to hunt without a little info from Jon Bryan. Yes, Jody is an expert at humor too.
Kind of like this blog. I have a lot of information on hunting in the South but I would rather you pick up bits and pieces of knowledge through my stories than beat you over the head proclaiming my infinite wisdom.
I hope you become an expert in your field and in your hunting.
The time is almost upon us, Good-Luck.


Dayne Shuda said...

Thanks and I agree - Jody is definitely an expert with humor. :-)

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