Wednesday, November 04, 2009

10 Point Award

This award is given for Outstanding Outdoor Blogs and the people that work so very hard each day to give us news and stories related to the Outdoors.
Please pass this on to 7 other blogs that do a great job in bringing the best of the Outdoors to the web for us to enjoy.

1. Kristine at Outdoor Bloggers Summit-
overworked and way underpaid, she coordinates a blog that includes all aspects of the Outdoors and especially how
bloggers can succeed and grow in their niche.
2. Marian at Marians Hunting Stories-
she has a smile for everyone with great stories of the Outdoors and stunning photography of her hometown of Vicksburg, MS
3. Tom and Steve Remington with Skinny Moose Network-
they have a lot of blogs under their umbrella and work with each one to insure success, plus they run their own blogs filled with
hunting info and their views of where Sportsmen stand with current laws.
4. Dayne Shuda at
an amazing blog that helps you promote your outdoor blog with a hands
on style. Social networking, tips and tricks, keywords, he covers
everything involved with growing your readership.
5. Jody at the Hunters Wife-
I go over everyday and she always make me laugh. Her blog is tongue in cheek that maybe we hunters might go a little overboard at times.
She is a fun read for everyone and proves that an outdoor blog doesn't neccessarily fit into just the hunting category.
6. JDP at Dudleys Diary- He can't hunt like he used to or wants to but God knows he loves it. He gives updates of his family that hunts, all the going ons in Texas, has great photography from deer to classic cars. A good fun blog for everyone.
7. Matt at Bright Idea Outdoors- a hunter raising his family in Virginia, putting up with work, life and squeezing in hunting time. One of my personal favorites to enjoy.
Congratulations to all of you that won. Please think about your favorite bloggers and pass this award on to the best of these hard-working bloggers.


Marian Love Phillips said...

Thank you so much for the 10 Point Award Rex...I feel honored and will be more than happy to pass it along! I appreciate the kind words and your friendship. :)

The Crap Blog Detective said...

Outdoor people should not have blogs, let alone get awards for it.

Dayne Shuda said...

I'm honored Rex. Thank you very much for the recognition. It's humbling to be included with the other great bloggers on the list as well as to be associated with your wonderful blog.

Thanks again.

Matt said...

Thanks Rex! You are one helluva nice guy, and I'm proud to know you.

The Hunter's Wife said...

Thank you Rex. Very sweet to be included with such a great group.

JDP said...

Thanks Rex the award is much appreciated. My son is leaving today to go to his grandfathers farm. Rifle season in Texas opens tomorrow morning. Hopefully he will have some good luck this year.


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