Monday, April 25, 2011

60 In 60

Easter weekend the weather was absolutely beautiful. We cut the grass around the camp and got everything as perfect as we could. Dad, Paul and Michael turkey hunted with no luck and Trent let a hog slip past him, but no one worried. It was way too relaxing and peaceful. Saturday afternoon, Burney took the kids fishing and they caught 60 crappie and a few brim in an hour. everywhere they threw a hook in the water a fish grabbed it. Too bad Mark and Jody weren't here, it was perfect for them.
Saturday night, Wanda cooked a big Easter meal with the best wild turkey I have ever eaten. We ate, drank and gathered around the fire for awhile to enjoy the night. We had a really good time.
PS Erin learned to drive the tractor.


The Hunter's Wife said...

60 Crappie? lol I guess there's no limit there.

Editor said...

there were 4 kids and Burney fishing. the limit here is 25 a day per person. Yes, we observe all the bag limits and regulations.
thank you for your comment.