Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mark and Denise Get A Hog

This past weekend we all went to camp to cut grass and get a handle on what needs to be done (EVERYTHING). Me, Trent, Denise, Mark and of course Camo and Jackson.
It does not matter that Trent Shot the hog, hell he isn't even in the picture. This is Denise and Marks Hog.

Monday, July 07, 2014

The Howell Open 2014

This July 4th weekend the Howell Open continued as usual even though Dad was not there. We had 16 players that divided into 4 foursomes in a wild scramble. The teams were divided into A,B,C, and D players but somehow I got 2 F's and a D. Trent, Jim Bullion and Paul "Richochet" Howell and we had to play the team of Bebo "Scat Money" Howell and his sandbaggers. Next was Patsy "Long Drive" Edwards and her team of professionals, and Larry "Ice Cream Man" Trent and a whole host of low handicappers from Water Valley. In the early going it looked impossible for our team. I finally made a birdie on 9, then Trent rolled one in on the next hole, then an eagle from my great effort with Jim making a wicked putt and we were on fire. Needless to say we beat the crap out of those other whiny chumps and took the trophy and the $10,000 first place check.
Here is a photo of all our friends and family that participated . Thank you Everyone!