Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Giant Tree Skywalk

Denise, Camo and I made the tree up north of Belzoni to Sky Lake and the skywalk there. It goes out into the middle of a gigantic swamp and circles up against the biggest cypress rees you could imagine. Several of the trees are over 1000 years old. you need to see it to believe it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


People say that our little area of the Delta is the most haunted area in the state Of Mississippi. I can only say that I have seen many things that most people would not believe. Some people would laugh and say I drink to much, am too full of tall-tales, or I am just a damn liar. They have never faced the darkness that seems to gather at the famous Christmas Place Plantation.
Many restless spirits roam here. The beautiful and frightening Pond Stand Ghost, a column of Confederate soldiers marching to nowhere, a ghost train that cuts through the night on Halloween, and many others that shed their blood on this ground. One of the scariest and least seen is the ghost we call “The Whisperer”.
Across a big Beaverdam on the south side of the property is a deer stand called The Double White Oak. A long walk down an ancient road leads to a clearing with a gigantic double whiteoak tree at the end of it. The opening is a game foodplot with a stand overlooking it. Several nice deer have been taken from this stand but it is usually the long walk out after dark that can be terrifying.
The first time I encountered this ghost I was walking out on a starlit night after an evening hunt. The moon had just started to rise as I walked along holding my flashlight down in front of me. A whispered voice in my ear said “Hurry”
I stopped thinking it was my imagination. Looked all around as the chills ran up and down my spine and took off walking again. “Hurry, we need to hurry” the voice whispered. I stopped and shined my light all around looking for a source of the low whispering voice. I was scared now and pulled my rifle down to the crook of my arm.
I stepped forward, moving even quicker than before and had not gone ten steps when I heard the voice whisper again. “ Hurry, they’re coming” I didn’t break stride but kept marching. As I hurried through the darkness the voice settled on my ear, crying miserably and begging me to hurry. I was so scared that I did not look back but I could feel the spirit walking beside me, leaning into my ear and in terrible fear and agony whispering for me to hurry, hurry before they caught us.
I don’t think there is any harm in this poor spirit and I would like to know his story. I have tried talking to him over the years but it does no good. We have all heard his desperate pleadings over the years and are used to it now, but occasionally we let someone hunt there and wait to see if the ghost will scare the crap out of them.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Squirrel Camp 2012

The weather was pleasant, the temperature perfect and the squirrels were everywhere. A great squirrel camp was enjoyed by all. The squirrel and dumplings was great too, and everyone had a wonderful time.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tree Rat Eradicaton Weekend

The infamous Squirrel Camp at the famous Christmas Place is this weekend and everyone is ready to go. This is a very important weekend and extremely important to the camp, the Delta, and probably the whole state of Mississippi. The first thing you need to know about squirrels is that they are EVIL. I would put them right up there with both my brothers. They swarm through our pecan grove eating every pecan in sight, and will bite you if you try to pick one up off the ground. It is impossible to even look at a mulberry without at least 5 or 6 of them jumping on you and either biting you or stealing your watch. Evil creatures. Worse than a swarm of Locusts. WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING before they take over the world.
Plus they taste great with dumplings! See you there!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Council Fire

Dad's new book has been published. the name is "True Tales From the Council fire (plus some outright, baldfaced lies). The stories are varied but most are about hunting and some of the weird experiences he has seen in his 86 years. Dad has also done all the illustrations which is kind of neat. So hurry and buy at least 100 copies to give all your friends at Christmas!

Monday, October 08, 2012

Archery Opener 10 Point

You know some people have nothing to do in this world but amble around with enormous amounts of free time on their hands. Case in point. Burney. He shot this wonderful 10 point Saturday afternoon and I guess the rest of deer season is wide open for him. Congratulations on the first buck of the year, SOB.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Deer Hate Computers

The last two weeks have been a nightmare of epidemic proportions but a lot of interesting stuff has been going on that you need to catch up on. You need an update on the work camp. Not really, everyone knows Paul didn't do crap while everyone else worked. Dad's new book has been published, will write about that as soon as I can and a few other things have happened which I dare not talk about, but I digress.....
I came in on Monday, turned on my computer and nothing happened. The damn thing was dead as a door nail. I have been working to get some way to work on appraisals all week and it has been a nightmare. I checked the front and mysterious hoof prints on the box let me know that some horrible deer has sabotaged my computer. What twisted mind and what unknown reason eludes me. All I know is I have had every lender in the country scream at me this week and nothing I can do. Those damn deer will pay for this insult!