Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Helluva Wood Cutting Party

While I was laying around on the beach with the Mailman, Burney and his pal Chris were down at the famous Christmas Place on a wood cutting detail. They managed to get enough wood cut in one day to last for the year, maybe two years. They ran into a whole damn herd of wild hogs and got two of them. Looks like we will be having a Harvest Moon Luau soon.

Everybody is a Hero Pt. V

Two brothers keeping it SimplyOutdoors.

Art is the amazing Silver Surfer and Jeff is the deadly accurate Green Arrow.

Reading about Mountain Men was big to me as a kid and Darrell fits right in as the rough and tumble Tomahawk

Seeing and exploring new worlds or maybe looking at ours through new eyes, the Translator is the intrepid Adam Strange

Who else? Goon is the powerful adventurer Conan the Barbarian.

Sharp eyed, deadly, sexy, and a thrill-seeking explorer, Marian is Lara Croft.

Skiing Sardis Lake

Lazy Campground, MS> Last weekend, Denise and I plus Spencer and Erin, went to Sardis Lake for a boating and relaxing Saturday. It was also Denise's Birthday (she is 39 again) We met up with Mark "Rockefeller" Stewart and his sweet wife Kim "BearClaw" Stewart. Marks' parent were there along with Kims' sister and family. It was a hot, perfect day to ride in the boat, play in the water, enjoy a cold beer and let the work week melt away.

A great day of sunshine and enjoying the water. Mark brought one of his smaller ski rigs and a jet ski for everyone to play on. Everyone got to go tubing too! Marks son Drew (who killed a scrub buck last year) was there and was really good with my kids.

Mr. and Mrs Stewart brought their brand new gold and platinum plated RV down to camp in. A/C, TV, shower, all the trimmings in this luxury camper. Wow! I hope they adopt me. Mr. Stewart told great stories about his days at Ole Miss, and we spent the day high on the hog with the rich folks.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Youth Deer Nov. 9-11

The Mississippi Youth Deer Hunt is set to start Nov. 10th. This is for kids under 16 years old with rifles. The famous Christmas Place will be having a doe only hunt that weekend for the kids. I have openings for two youth hunters and parents. If you are interested please email me. Sorry, the bloggers in my sidebar have first choice.

Comic Heros IV

Janus is protecting Africa as Jungle Jim.

Becky is the incredibly hot and tough Elektra

When the moon comes out my good friend FHB becomes the GhostRider.

Everyone knows that Libby is the cool and erotic CatWoman.

He's got fish fever! Bill is the ultimate underwater hero, Aquaman.

Rod Specs

There was a little confusion on my post about the new Custom Made Bass Rod that I won through the Oudoor Bloggers Network. My new blogging friend, Art had wanted to know a little more about the specs involved with building it, but there was a little miscommunication. Here is the Spec Sheet.

A Coffee Sippin' Story

Good Morning, It is another Monday morning and I am sure everyone is feeling Dazed and Confuzed. My friend over there has a story about a Mysterious Stranger. Please go read it and try not to chortle your coffee through your nose. I sure hope he will join the OBS.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Comic Book Heros III

Denny is in the mountains but because he is so attuned to nature he becomes the mysterious Swamp Thing

SweetThing is working hard to overcome some serious physical problems, her reward is to be named the heroic Supergirl

Fuzzy is the lost and invisible Deadman. (you better start blogging, hunting season is coming)

A great blog out of the west is run by BobG who is also known as the Rawhide Kid

Dash is from Texas and is another tough Outlaw, the famous Kid Colt.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Comic Book Heros II

My good friend Othmar as everyone knows is the Mighty Thor.

and old Eagle Eye from Idaho is the fishy and elusive Sub-Mariner.
Who knows what Blogs in the heart of men. Steve is the mysterious Shadow.

Another fun blogger is Cookie from way up north.
He as we all know is the famous Dick Tracey and Tom Remington is Captain Marvel.

Another good and interesting blogger, Moose, moonlights as the Wolverine.
My California friend Phillip is Sgt. Nick Fury
Dazed is the quick thinking and agile Spiderman
Don't bother with perfection, Debbie is the beautiful and sexy seeker of truth, Wonder Woman. The keeper of the Mohawk Campfire is Turok, Son of Stone

Friday, July 27, 2007

Git Safe for Hunting Season

I have added a link on my sidebar to help all of you purchase a product called The Gunslinger. I know none of you have ever dropped anything out of a deerstand, much less your rifle, right? The gunslinger is a very simple and effective device to add that might save your rifle or even your life. Kristine at Hunt Smart Think Safety is marketing director and she runs a great blog. You DO want her to keep her job and not have to blog from the gutter for food and internet access like the rest of us. Please go see the video and Purchase one of these.

Comic Book Heros Pt. 1

I have more links than brains these days, so I am going to break this up into segments of 10. If you do not like your character, too bad for you. This is my gig.

Kristine is the lovely, smart and sexy Brenda Starr

DareDevil, the man without fear is Kevin

Matt is the super fast and exciting Flash and Robert is the HawkMan.

OK, we are just getting started so here we go again. Any questions? Can't hear you anyway.

My friend the Hammer of course is IronMan.

The ultimately super sexy Callie is Danger Girl and my good friend GuyK is the Moon Knight.

Hold up, I'm still thinking on Danger Girl.

How many is that? 7, this is harder than I thought.

The next comic book hero is my buddy KeesKennis. Duh, he is the Phantom!

A personal hero of mine is the Defiant Infidel, who is none other than Sgt. Rock. Finally, I will include myself (Rex)from the jungles of Mississippi, Tarzan
Let me know if y'all want me to continue this game.

A Very Cool Rod

I received my new custom made rod from Heartland Outdoors yesterday. This very cool rod is made by Cross Timbers Custom Rod company in Texas. This rod is built by another of those long legged gorgeous Texas gals, the Lady Rod Builder. She only fishes on Sundays.
Now I have to figure out what to do with it. Should I keep it and save it for a door prize at the Outdoor Bloggers Summit? I would give it to my friend Matt, but I do not want to take away the excitement of his invisible BIO ROD. I could give it to Bill at Muskoka Outdoors, but I swear he would drop it through the ice and lose it. Michelle could use it, I know. So could Eagle Eye, but he would probably give it away too. I can't give it to that guy in South Jersey either, everyone knows Yankees don't know how to fish. Let me see...... Who would really appreciate this rod? Hmmmmmm..... I have an idea......

Thursday, July 26, 2007

An Exciting Day

It has been an interesting and exciting day here at the old Howell Realty (Bailey Savings and Loan) Co. I came in almost out of blogging material, but a bunch of stuff has happened. Got a new link, received my new custom rod, received my cool badge from the Outdoor Bloggers Summit and am looking forward to talking to my friends in a conference call at 7PM. Oh yeah, everyone in my link list was assigned a comic strip hero name. Unfortunately, I had to work too. Tomorrow, we will work it all in to savor over the weekend.

Brotherly Blogging

Big Rack, MI> They are blogging brothers and play off of each other very well. The oldest is Jeff. He is a fanatical hunter from way back. The little brother is Art. He is the photo guy. They have put together a really nice blog that captures the spirit of hunting. The wives are even hunting! Great pics and a constant slideshow that features Fred Bear. They have a forum and a photo section and they have a really nice High Country bow for sale! How much? They are big bowhunters and their blog looks like it will get a lot of attention as deer season moves closer. They have already linked to the Outdoor Bloggers Summit.Go see them and check out each section, you will be glad you did. the name of their great site is SimplyOutdoors. They seem like honest, fun people and I wish them the best of luck.

Torture Machine

Denise received a cleverly disguised torture machine in the mail yesterday. It says it is an exercise machine. Unfortunately, no Ginsu knives were enclosed with it.

I may have to get one of these for Phillip, his recent video showed some steep terrain on his latest hunt.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Steel Blog

In the tradition of Kristine, another company is using blogging to help gather customers and keep people returning to their site. The person running it has an interesting little online blog about the outdoors. The name of their site is Future Steel. Go take a look. Hey you could use a metal building for stuff like a quick and easy hunting camp or storage. Othmar keeps his spare change in one.

Mission Accomplished

Sarah recently completed her mission trip up to Nashville with the Methodist Church. Here they are getting ready to go. Sarah and Erin are on the right for the picture. This is the Youth of the First Methodist Church of Water Valley, MS