Monday, December 31, 2018


It is now December 31, New Years Eve and we have only one buck this year with our rifles. Trent and Paul have gone crazy and I am not feeling so good myself. This is turning into a very, very long deer season but hey! more rain is on the way.
Will let you know if we get a deer, or have to put my brothers in an insane asylum.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Paul On A Shelf

As you know, my evil brother Paul has not killed a deer this year. He has hunted almost everyday, but still no deer. He is at the panic stage, mumbling about his poor unfair treatment, how he has been put on the shelf by those unthoughtful people in charge of the holidays, how he has had to sacrifice the whole Christmas Season to his family, blubbering and sobbing to strangers on the street, and moaning like Jacob Marley's ghost. He is pitiful. HAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!
I talked to him this morning and he has a new plan to get his deer.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Screams From the Christmas Place

Saturday morning I was sitting on my stand at Turkey Feather watching and waiting when the loud sound of a gunshot rolled over me from Odom Ridge. It suddenly grew deathly quiet and then I heard an anguished scream off to my left, a second later another faint, terror stricken scream came from way in front of me. I knew my two brothers had realized that Burney had gotten his buck.
I waited, half expecting to see Paul and Trent come loping through the woods with safeties off, guns leveled and looking behind every tree and bush on the place to get their buck.
By then the screams had turned to muffled sobs.
I finally headed in to camp about 10:30 and the big deer was next to the hanging pole waiting for everyone to see. A really fine 9-point that weighed 205 lbs.
Everyone congratulated them, even Paul and Trent through clenched teeth.
Congratulations to the leader in the clubhouse Burney Howell!

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Thanksgiving At Camp

A little late but we enjoyed a very nice Thanksgiving at camp this year. Denise and I packed up our evil dogs Friday after a nice Thanksgiving day with her parents, and headed to camp. We hunted hard but no deer. Denise brought food, Wanda brought food, Erin, Michael, Haley and Alex showed up.
(Alex needs a little outdoorsy guidance) The ladies put together a super feast for everyone and we enjoyed everything except the ballgame that weekend.
It is nice to relax and just enjoy a good time together without anyone getting shot or stabbed.
Even the two with the biggest differences set it aside and enjoyed the weekend