Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sudden Impact

I received this link from Kim Jones today. This is Sudden Impact, the largest whitetail buck in the world.

You can see more at www.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Mark (Mailrider) Stewart and I have 247 acres in Yalobusha County, Mississippi. This is a the best pure hunting tract I have run across. the National Forest is on three sides and it is chock full of deer and turkey. If you are looking for a reasonable property to purchase with excellent timber potential, this is it.
We are asking $1000 per acre. If you are interested, call me at 662-473-2499.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Toby Tubby's Gold (2)

As with most people, my grand thought on finding the grave of the rich Indian quickly faded. Work, Life, Kids, and the real world have a habit of intruding on grand schemes and ideas. So after a couple of months, the idea was way on the back burner until I received an appraisal assignment on Coon Town Rd.
The assignment was for a little FHA style brick home near the boat landing at the end of the old road. It was what I consider a cookie-cutter job that I should be able to get the pics, info and do the walk- through in about 20 minutes. The thought of this being the beginning of my hunt for Chief Toby Tubby never entered my mind.
The Coon Town Road begins at a three way split in front of the old College Hill Church and as I turned onto the road, the thought of the destroyed historical marker and my Aunts’ words came back to me. I completed the field part of the appraisal and returned to the church, turned north for a quarter mile and stated looking for what was left of the marker.
I found the site, pulled over and went to take a closer look. All that was left was the concrete slab partially pulled out of the ground and part of the twisted metal pole that had held the square green tribute for Toby Tubby.
It had taken some work to remove the marker and it did not make sense. Drunk college students at Ole Miss might have done it, but it would have taken a lot of exertion. The concrete slab had to be at least three feet thick and a big truck would have had to be used to pull and twist the marker off. It seemed like a pretty stupid prank to me and the odds were that someone would be caught sooner or later showing it off on campus or in a dorm room.

I returned up the road and stopped at the Church. I did not know why, but I wanted to walk around it and just look. It had been at least 20 years since I had walked the grounds and the history of the land, the old legend and I think a little of missing my grandmother swept over me. I walked up the old brick path.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Turkeys 2, Hershel 0

Hershel Howell went across the beaver dam to hunt at the Box Field on friday morning. He set his decoys and relaxed. Turkey sign was plentiful and it was a beautiful morning. No sight or sound of turkeys, as he used his bag of tricks, until a little after 8 o'clock. Then he heard the distinctive gobble of an old gobbler about a hundred yards down the ridge. He worked the turkey for about an hour until he saw movement heading his way and a hen and the big gobbler came out heading for his decoys. It gets a little foggy after this.
Dad says the Gobbler was standing in the wide open at 26 steps in full strut when he pulled the trigger. The turkey jumped, then flew across the field and took off running like a racehorse. He stared, completely amazed that the dead turkey was still hauling booty down through the woods. He looked and looked, no gobbler. He returned to camp disgusted with himelf and making noises that he was too damn old and feeble to kill a turkey. Says he is a has-been. Please leave a few encouraging words.
Remember- It is better to be a has-been than a never-been.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Guest Blogging Jody

In case you missed it, please go over to The Hunters Wife and read my guest blogging post. It was posted Wednesday and is labeled Mom Liked To Fish. It is about a famous fishing trip that my Mom and Dad survived. It was a disaster that ended with a laugh.
Oh and while you are over there, take one more gander at Marks big buck.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Toby Tubby's Gold (1)

I am not a researcher.
I am not a great history buff, even though my life is intertwined very closely with the history of the rural south, the Civil War and the generations of people that have lived and struggled here.
I am a real estate broker in a small town just south of Oxford, MS, while my father and his family are all from the Oxford area. I grew up learning all about Oxford and it’s deep and wonderful history. Growing up, my grandmother took us to all the old family homesites and gave us the history of all the people of the area. She was a Burt from out at Clear Creek and seemed to either know or to be kin to everyone in Lafayette county. My father graduated from University High School as did my Aunt Marilyn (Melly) and Uncle Jim and I loved the stories they told of growing up there, attending Ole Miss, hunting the swamps of the Tallahatchie Bottom, and all the antics my Dad would tell of his wild childhood.
I would not have paid a second thought about Chief Toby Tubby if my Aunt Melly, had not mentioned it one day when I stopped at her house for a quick cup of coffee. She is part of the Oxford Heritage Foundation and a member of the D.A.R., plus a myriad of other things as I found out later. She said that she was upset because the marker out near College Hill Church honoring the old Chief has disappeared again. It was the second time and the marker was very expensive. She doubted they had the money to keep replacing it.
Going home, I reviewed in my head the legend that I had heard about the famous Indian Chief.
Chief Toby Tubby had operated a ferry crossing the river north of Oxford near Wyatt.
He was very wealthy and even owned slaves.
When he died, the funeral procession left from near the College Hill Church up the Old Chickasaw Rd never to be seen again.
He was buried with all his possessions and the site was marked with a cedar tree planted on top. No other sign was left because they were afraid grave robbers would dig him up for his fortune.
His grave has never been located.
Not much information, but just enough for a buried treasure legend I laughed to myself, but later, the idea of finding it began to grow in my mind.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Golf Camp Set

for some reason, the word Pigeons comes to mind.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Preliminary Cover- Jeff's God

No, I have no idea what the surprise ending is. He has changed it around so much over the last twenty years that I have no idea.
PS- Dad has agreed to donate $1 per copy for every book we sell off this site to help raise money for the Outdoor Bloggers Summit. Hopefully the OBS site will post the book for sale too.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tying Up Loose Blog Ends

I really need to tie up a bunch of loose ends and get my blog going. There are a lot of little things I need to get done, now that Spring Break is over and the kids are not coming to the office every day to drive me crazy.

The first thing I want to do is thank Dayne Shuda for listing me under 10 Amazing Blog Post #4. I sent him the story of The Yeti Conspiracy and he gave a great insight into it and complimented me very highly on the post. Thank You! I do not usually link a blog in my sidebar if it is not in the sidebar of that persons blog, but he has found a wonderful niche in the hunting blog category and I am going to link him today.
I also want to thank Kim Jones for a wonderful little party she held at her house on Saturday night. Her son Tyler has started a band and the grownups sat in the driveway having cocktails while Tyler and his friends rocked out in their open barn.
It was a lot of fun to listen to. They have just started and were very enthusiastic in their music, but I did not have enough alcohol in me to say they were good.
Too bad Old Scratch missed it.
Have you ever heard of Chief Toby Tubby?
A famous Indian Chief in these parts that became very wealthy. After he died, the remaining Indians took his body and the funeral procession left Oxford never to be seen again. Where is he buried? What fortune lies with him? I aim to find out in a series of posts about this remarkable man. Stay tuned.
I also need to start back on my story of A Confederate Map.
Then the Virtual Deer Hunt needs to go into full swing.
I have a post coming out Wednesday on The Hunters Wife about my Mom in her fishing days, so watch for that. Jody is on vacation but I want to say thank you in advance. Also go over to Base Camp Legends and check out the forum. I am posting some of my old hunting tales over there you might enjoy.
We are organizing a Bloggers Badge for all the Mississippi Bloggers to unite and using Max Mississippi as the home base. Should be fun getting this done. We are a very rural state and I find that many of the bloggers here feel like they are the only one from Mississippi out there giving it their blogging best.
All in all, a lot of work and blogging to get squared away.

Friday, April 17, 2009

A Crack-A-Lackin' Link

I recently linked up with a so-called mommy blogger that has a humorous insight into the raising of children with all of it's wonders and strange twists. Her name is Mandy and she lives over in the mosquito infested Mississippi Delta. (She can't be too far from the Christmas Place)
She is raising her son, affectionately called, EB or Energizer Baby, and gives us insights into raising children from the ugliest parts to the warmest parts that melt your heart and leave you crying with love for them.
She runs the very popular blog known as Mommy Cracked. Go visit, make a new friend and delight in her trials and tribulations.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Assimilating The Senator

Tupelo Beta Seven, Gamma System> I met with Senator Roger Wicker last Monday and made sure to let him know that he and the rest of you puny humans will be ASSIMILATED.
My evil plan involves a complicated mapping system for carbon absorption rates and it looks like all the humans will probably have to be eradicated. Besides that, our conversation was very interesting and relaxed. We talked about Water Valley, Oxford and economic growth for our area and ways to increase it.
Then I told him about the second part of my plan.
Senator Wickers eyes grew wide with fear and astonishishment as I described my plan to reintroduce the deadly BIKINI MACHINE and my bid for world domination. He liked the idea of the bikinis but was not too hot about the world domination part. After security threw me out.. I mean.. after my dramatic exit, I thought more about our conversation.
The only part I need to work on is an evil name like my predecessor Dr. GoldFoot.
If you have any ideas, please leave a comment.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yow !!!!!!

Look at these Spurs!

Dad and Trigger congratulate Michael.

It is not my fault Othmar and Matt are kicking themselves about now.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Feathers Finally Fly

Turkey Trot, MS> Feathers finally flew at the famous Christmas Place this past weekend as Michael Howell finally got a big gobbler. His father, Paul Loser Howell, may have helped a little bit with the calling. This large bird had a 9 and 7/8 inch beard and weighed 17 lbs. An old bird, it had 1 and 1/4 inch spurs and was a real limb hanger. This turkey was taken near the Voting Log Stand. Congratulations to Michael on a fine turkey. Here is a pic of Michael and Spencer with the turkey hanging on a limb.

It was a great Easter weekend with all the family coming in to visit. Burney cooked a wild hog and I think it was the best ever. Michael, Spencer, Dad, Hillary and Burney all caught crappie that afternoon and we cooked those too!

Sadie made a big salad for dinner, to top the meal off and we ate like kings.
The next morning we hunted and Spencer and I heard turkeys but they would not come in. Then we headed to Church in the little town of Eden and got a good dose of down home religion.

That afternoon we headed home and Spencer got a pic of this damn water-gator up the road from our place. Hmmm... I think I have something for that awful thing.
I can assure you that it needs to make sure it doesn't decide to mosey up to our lake.
All in all, a great family Easter that we shared together.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Seeing the Senator

Can't post Monday morning. I have a meeting with my U.S. Senator at 11 Monday morning in Tupelo. Ought to be interesting, will let you know the results later.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Pick Your Virtual Stand

Virtual Stands on the map are based on actual locations. The box field is where Marian ran out of bullets and the 10 Point stand is where Elizabeth will be hunting. Will be adding a topo map in color later. (hopefully) Not all stands are labeled but all are excellent for getting a deer or hog. Choose carefully.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

OBS Regional Meeting

Good News! I just got clearance from the powers that be to move forward with the Outdoor Bloggers Summit Regional Meeting at the famous Christmas Place. My father, Hershel Howell, has agreed to give a turkey calling seminar as part of the fun.
My cousin, Burney Howell, has agreed to cook a wild hog, and my brother Paul has agreed to annoy the hell out of everyone.
The date will be in June. The weather should be nice and there are plenty of fish to catch and places to explore.
I am hoping to convince 8-12 people to come for the weekend, with maybe a few day-trippers joining us for Saturday. As part of the OBS, I also want to add at least one well-known journalist or writer to give a seminar also. Maybe we can find a blogger that has actually made a nickel that can give us a lecture too.
There is a chance that one of the hunting show people can be tricked into coming and talking about that aspect for our group. I am going to talk to the MDWFP to see what help I can get from them and the paper in Jackson, MS will be asked to visit and write an article about it.
Now if I can actually get someone to attend........

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Welcoming New Links

First, I want to let everyone know that Steve Creek is back on the blogroll. He ran The Shed Antler blog for awhile but is now more into Wildlife Photography. Steve was one of my first links and I really miss his old blog. (He won't take my advice to just go ahead and combine the two.) Do understand this, He is an excellent photographer with wonderful pics that will delight your heart and make you come back for more. Please go visit his site at Steve Creek Outdoors.
What about Sparky? This is the affectionate name we gave Bob Phillips when he came to our camp after suffering a stroke. He moved so slowly that the name Sparky seemed just right. He and Marian have turned into two of my dearest friends. Bob has his own blog now called Two Dogs Tall. You will have to read it to learn how he got that nickname. Bob has lots of interests, but right now he is really into knives. Please go over and visit and make sure to add him to your blogroll.
Truthfully, I don't know much about elkses. Most of the shows I watch have some guy blowing a trumpet until a whole gaggle of them start running up to commit suicide. according to my friend Dennis Carroll this is not the way it really works. He runs a blog simply called, Montana Elk Hunting. Some of the massive elk he photographs are almost as big as Thunderhoof! He is a hunter and outfitter that knows his business. Before you go on a trip out there, I suggest you read his blog a bit and maybe email him to line things up. Go to his blog to say hi, check his stories of elk, the mountains and the big spaces of Montana. Tell him there is a deer down here with his name on it and they are a whole lot harder to hunt.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Turkey Taunts !

Friday morning I went to my next door neighbors home to do an appraisal. We live in town with all the traffic and people you could expect, and while talking to him in his backyard, a turkey flew by our heads and landed in a big pine tree over the street. She sat and stared at us for about ten minutes while we talked, then flew back off down the hill into the woods. The damn things are taunting me!
To make it worse, I finally played golf Sunday and the whole time I was out there, I could hear them calling and gobbling at me. I do not need that kind of distraction with my pitiful golf game. I feel retribution is at hand next weekend!

Friday, April 03, 2009

A Mucky Birthday

I do not usually give reviews on this site. (That's because they never send me free stuff.) I do want to mention the nice birthday present I received from the Mailrider. Mark bought me a pair of Mucks. He can afford to do so since his ship came in and he sleeps.. uh.. works at the Post Office.
The boots are slightly insulated, lightweight neoprene and I swear they are the
best light boot I have ever had. I have used them exclusively for turkey hunting this year and have had no problems. They do not cut easily, seem to breathe well and are extremely comfortable. Check on a pair if you get the chance.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

We B Gone

The Outdoor Bloggers Summit has moved to the new site today and the new blog is sharp, very cool and up to date. A new badge will be available soon, but if you just link to it without the badge, copy this to paste into your sidebar Outdoor Bloggers Summit. Please go over and give Kristine a well deserved Thank-You for all her hard work.
Remember that it is a free site (yes, really free) for outdoor enthusiasts and bloggers.
the new site with Kristine is also on Twitter at OBSKristine. give her a tweet and say hello.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Christmas Place Virtual Outfitters

The Christmas Place Virtual Outfitters now has ten "hunters" set up to visit the famous plantation. So far, the guest have been varied in their desire of what to do during the hunt. This is the breakdown so far.

Deer- Dayne, Marian, Big Al, Gary and Tom, Elizabeth
Hogs- GuyK, Enviro, Rhonda
Relaxation- Jody

I need to issue a warning (to someone with a pink fishing rod) that this is virtually serious and there are no pink deer running around the Christmas Place

Please sign up for the DCB Virtual Deer Hunt, I do not want to have to draft someone.