Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Howell Open

The big tournament has arrived, where members of the Howell family do their best to crush each other in a twisted, barbaric, no holds barred Golf Tournament.
We will tee-off Sunday morning at 9 AM. Ambulances will be on site, and the pond will be checked for "stray" alligators early that morning.
Beverages will be served by the losers after the tournament, while the winners laugh and tell jokes.
No pressure on BETTY BULLION, the only hope for that side of the family.
As last years winner, I can only say Ha-Ha-Ha. I fully expect to win again, even though I am sure Trent and Bebo will stack the teams against me.

PS- The night tournament is Saturday night. A time for partying, drinking and playing golf at night.
What more could you want?

Monday, June 18, 2018

Bebo Shanked It

I was playing golf and looked up to see a truck on fire in the road that runs alongside the Golf Course in Water Valley. I raced my golf cart over to a group of golfers that were nearby observing and got the story of what happened.
Bebo had shanked his ball in some kind of shank, duck hook, busting through the window of the truck, knocking the driver out, and killing two chickens. The ball ping-ponged inside the cab, breaking the electronics out and setting the whole thing on fire.
Emergency crews, the police and fire department got to the scene quickly and everything turned out OK. I managed to ask Bebo what happened and he said , " I moved my hand a quarter inch to the right."

Monday, June 11, 2018

Small Hands, Big Fish

My brother James (with notoriously small hands) has been busy so far this summer building cabins near Oxford and chasing his new girlfriend, Debbie. I guess his poor bees will just have to survive as best they can, now that he has added grabbling to his list of activities too.
Last weekend James, Debbie, and their pals caught these. I feel a fish fry in my future.