Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight

Imagine, if you can, taking the THREE STOOGES deer hunting. Imagine turning them loose in the woods with high powered rifles. This is what we faced on the last weekend of deer season as Stuart "Wobble-Eye" Allen, Tim "Shaky" Crosby and Dean "Blood Trail" Lammey took to the woods at the famous Christmas Place. Most of us ended up hiding under our bunks as they waltzed out to their stands. It wasn't long 'till the shooting started. BLAM, BLAM, PING, ZING, QUACK, POW, KA-BLOOIE! All of our dead-eye sharpshooters had just about run out of bullets. Dean had shot a big buck, Tim shot a terrible hog and Stuart a vicious doe. We searched half the night but found no blood trails, no deer, no hog, no nothing, Undeterred they went at it the next morning and Stuart shot another monster doe. We headed out to look for all the deer and hogs. We found blood and followed blood trails for miles as we had to listen to their stories of their perfect shots over and over and over. We found NADA, Nothing. It was a nightmare, but we have decided to buy some elephants for them to practice on, maybe lock them in the barn for them to shoot. Maybe buy a herd of goats and tie them to the hanging pole for a few shots to warm up with. You know how hard it can be when a red-eyed demon doe comes out at 30 yards with a mouth full of grass and stares at you. Maybe next year.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Closing Out The Season

We closed out the deer season in style this weekend as Trent got a really nice 192 lb. 10-point to close the season. He shot this big deer up at the Elbow stand on Friday afternoon with his muzzleloader. the deer came out about 150 yards on him and he had to wait and wait for the shot. At 125 yards he shot. BOOM! The deer fell like a sack of potatoes. He wandered over to check on him and the buck jumped up and took off! Trent took off too! Trying to reload at a sprint, he left a trail of clothes, bullets, deer lure, primers, flashlight, his ramrod and even one boot. He ran along trying to reload his damn rock thrower and managed to blast the deer when it momentarily fell at the edge of the field. Either way he managed to get the deer and we all celebrated when he got it back to the camp.
In other news, Spencer brought his friend Blake Lowery to camp and they managed to double-up at the Taj Mahal to end their season.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Last Hurrah

This is it, boys! The last hurrah for deer season. Everyone is going down to try and get a big buck, but I am going after that elusive and annoying varmint known as Thunderhoof. That pesky deer has been taunting me all year and it is time for him to pay. Good luck to everyone and will give a final deer report soon.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Giant Hog Shot By Famous Blogger

Saturday morning I headed up to the T-Field. The wind was right and I had not hunted there all year. It was a pretty day with the sun shining and I watched the field all morning and saw absolutely nothing. At 9:30AM I heard the theme music for JAWS start up and looked to my right and this gigantic hog came up out of a canyon and started easing across the field. My first thought was "I need a bigger rifle" The second was "SHOOT!"  I cocked the hammer on the 45-70. BLAM! The giant porkasaurus ran about 40 yards and dropped.
It took 4 of us to load it on the trailer and I made John keep his pistol on the evil varmint at all times.
This beast is a Cinnamon Tuskahoula, known for it's gigantic size, fierce demeanor and known ability to Ambush victims such as humans, canines and  even lawyers.
The hog weighed 260 lbs and had 4 inch tusks.
When we cut the huge hog open we found 2 missing Boy Scouts and a Grandfather Clock.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Doldrums

Cold, Wet, Rain, and now Snow. It's been raining off and on for over a week mixed with temps in the 70's and now back in the 20's. Miserable weather now with light snow. Deer season is winding down and me and camo are staying near the fire. Hope you have your buck by now because it will be hard hunting from here on in now that the rut is over. Will give a wrap -up of the season later and post about getting ready for HOG CAMP

Monday, January 14, 2013

Paul's Spooky Virtual Tour

Yes, it is still raining here and turning to ice, but the blog goes on! I have had hundreds, nay thousands of people email me about Paul and Wanda's Haunted house and they all want a look inside, so I added this virtual tour of the home. It is a little long but captures everything you need to know.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Austin's Wet Buck

It had been raining for a week here and I didn't go because I did not have a boat big enough for me and Camo, but Friday afternoon the sun broke through and there was sunsine galore before the rains closed back in. Needless to say, the deer moved liked crazy. Austin came down with Burney on a last chance hunt for a buck and everything fell perfectly for Austin to take this really good buck over at the Levee Stand that afternoon before the bottom fell out again. Congratulations on a great buck!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Creepiest House In town

Water Valley is well known for it’s haunted houses but none are more mysterious and full of haints than the old Water Valley Hospital. It’s so full of ghosts that you couldn’t cram another one through the door! The old building was remodeled and turned into a private residence in the 60’s but the legend of it being haunted lives on. Nobody here would buy the creepy old house, but my brother fell in love with the majestic old home and bought it for his wife, Wanda. I will be giving updates and true stories about this most famous Haunted House in Mississippi as he prepares to move in.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Picture Of the Year

I will be selling this autographed picture of Camo the Wonder Dog who obviously helped get this nice buck for Spencer.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Marian Gets Her Deer

A wet rainy weekend did not stop Marian from getting her deer up at the North Cornfield. I took her husband, Bob, that afternoon to hunt while she made her way up to the north end of the property with Mark. It did not take long and we had a really good weekend visiting and catching up. Bob and Marian are old blogging pals and I was proud that she made a great shot and brought some venison back home. Check her blog at Marians Hunting Stories

Monday, January 07, 2013

Spencer's Very Good Weekend

The weekend started off right for Spencer as he headed down to the camp on Friday afternoon to get to the Levee Stand to hunt. Right beflore dark this 182 lb. 18 inch wide 10 point came out and he put the hammer on him. Spencer, (and all the kids), have let some big deer go over the last couple of years and I am very proud that he got this super buck to finish up the year. Congratulations Spencer!