Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hog Durham

The blogosphere is humming with the news of the 11 year old boy that killed a 1000 pound wild hog recently but the hunting bloggers have problems. Late in the movie Bull Durham, all the players end up at the pitching mound for a conference. Finally they send the manager out to see what is the problem.
First of all. Marian and Othmar are both sick with the flu. Kevin is upset because he missed the meme, and David is just flat out of material to post. Meanwhile, Moose is very worried about getting mauled by a bear, and the grass is getting so thick that Steve is hard put to find shed antlers

Phillip is back from his hog hunt and wants a good recipe for pork chops.
Goon only wants to talk about Sprint Cars.
Kristine is waning on her posts. She dreams about a strange dark gunslinger.
I think that Bill and Eagle Eyes are both possessed by fish!
Norm is praying for a trophy buck and Matt is STILL working on the BIO rod. Cliff has a great blog but is worried about improving his content (add more pics).
Jon and I are dueling on the best ancient story we can come up with, while Chuck and Jim are MIA.

I don't know what the heck Tom and Robert are doing, but I know my golf game sucks,Tom Remington is still going strong and Ivan is making himself a name.
Allright, that covers most everything now get back to blogging!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Indian Graves

Harmontown, MS> My father was 8 years old and living with his family in Scobey, MS when they received a letter from his grandfather Claude Howell. They had dug up something very unusual and wanted them to come as quckly as they could. They loaded up the car and drove up the next day.
They arrived and hurried down to the fields. Claude and my great uncle Bob had been plowing and each time the deep breaking plow went around it sank in several places and Bob had decided that he was going to dig there to see what it was when the next time around the plow caught something and pulled it out of the ground. It was an elaborate saddle with a silver pommel. That shut down the plowing and the digging began. They dug up hundreds of arrowheads, some beautiful pieces of pottery, lots of skeletal bones, trader beads and finally a big handful of silver coins dating from the late 1700's to the early 1800's. The digging began all over the fields then.
Dad said that he managed to get down into one of the holes and pulled out a whole human skull. Hitting the air it practically crumbled into dust. There were strands and strands of trader beads with many 10 to 15 feet long. He remembers wrapping himself in them until he was completely covered.
My cousin Bobby now has the coins, saddle and pottery and I don't know what else.
This is all that remains of what my father found. Two small strands of beads, a few arrowheads and a piece of jawbone. It is all on a plaque at his house.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hershel and Fred II

"A Good Man With A Bow, This Hershal Howell"
Fred Bear 1970

Outdoor Bloggers Contest

Please go over to the Outdoor Bloggers Network and check in with our good friends there to get in on a chance to win some very nice prizes!
Heartland Promotions
register to win, make a post, tell them that Rex sent you and
hopefully you will win a great fishing rod or other gifts. It doesn't take but a sec and you can also find a great hunting and fishing forum, stories by yours truly and some real outdoor writers, fun pics and a whole lot of great outdoor people wanting to talk hunting and fishing. If you have a blog, be sure to sign up on their front page too!

Tuckered Out

Water Valley, MS> Friday and Saturday were mild, beautiful days but summer hit on Monday. Friday afternoon we went to the Music in the Park get together. This is supposed to encourage the citizens of Water Valley to get out and know each other.
It is getting bigger and better each time they put it on. There was food, and a really good local band. Denise and I really had a good time seeing everyone.

There have been some complaints from the peanut gallery that the Howell's spend way too much time playing golf during the holidays. I said no, we never play during Christmas or Thanksgiving. Blind stares met this. I don't get it. Anyway after playing golf Saturday morning, we all went to Trents' house for an afternoon of swimming and a big cookout.

We had an excellent time. Trent grilled burgers and we sat around visiting for awhile and then Trent, Dad and I talked about our fun golf match. I don't know what the rest of them did. A great meal and a good chance to visit with Dad and have our family together.

Saturday morning was another big golf match and I headed home to help Denise get ready for a Ball at Dagger Hall! Denise was throwing an afternoon cook-out and it turned into a regal and wonderful affair. Trent Shelley and Dad came, Greg and Kim and most of the kids (Spencer, Kyle, Erin), Larry Trent and Linda were there, Connie, Me, Denise and Glenda Griffith (and Camo) We grilled chicken and pork loin, lots of drinks, for dessert we had home-made ice cream. Everyone was stuffed to the gills.
I fell in bed and slept like a log.

Thank you to the men like my Dad that have served this country and a prayer for the men that have lost their lives defending and serving our nation. We had a wonderful Memorial Day and Weekend.

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Light In The Lake

The lake at the famous Christmas place covers about 40 acres. A good fisherman down there knows all the holes in the bottom and where to find fish most of the time. I learned that a really good fisherman never goes out on this lake fishing at night.
Three summers ago, Mark Stewart and I had the chance to spend a wonderful summer weekend alone at the camp. Cold beer, exploring, looking for deer sign, and we both thought it would be fun to try a little night fishing on the huge lake.
The temperature that night was around 90 degrees, a typical hot and still summer night as we took our cooler, rods and trolling motor up to the lake. We had eaten dinner in Yazoo City and it was close to 10:00 PM by the time we got loaded and drove to the dock.
We loaded everything in the little boat, I hooked up the little trolling motor and up the lake we zipped till we felt we were in a good spot. We stopped and started casting.
The water was dead calm and seemed inky black as we took our bright colored spinners and started casting. It wasn’t long till Mark had caught a couple of nice bass and I had a large crappie.
We lit a couple of his short cigars, opened a beer and started working our way down the edge about 50 yards from shore. The mosquitoes were not too bad, the stars were out and it was relaxing and fun after a hard week of work for both of us. The beer went down but the fish totals kept rising.
Mark noticed it first and showed me. A glow was coming from underneath the water a couple of hundred yards away. We reeled up as we watched and could tell that it was moving slowly across the lake. It looked fairly large and we fell into a whisper as we watched and discussed what it could possibly be. The object got about 80 yards straight out from us and then started getting larger as we realized that it was coming to the surface. The water swirled and bright points of light moved in the frothing water.

We could not tell what it was, just the large glow. After about five minutes, it seemed to sink deep into the black water and sit still. A few minutes later, it started to move rapidly straight at us. I tried to gun the little motor but it was on us before we moved 10 feet. I shut the motor down as it passed under us. “Hold On!” I yelled. The rush from the water lifted and spun the boat quickly around as we held on.
We both watched in amazement as it went underneath the little boat and we compared notes later. The object was slightly larger than the boat. I would say 15-18 feet long, and about 6 feet across. Wide at the end and tapering slightly as it passed under us. We could not make out any details except that it had a very bright green phospherent glow. It passed under us and kept heading straight for the bank.
The steep bluff drops off directly into the water at this point and the glowing object headed straight toward this rocky spot . The light disappeared as it reached the edge. Whatever it was, it must have gone into a cave underneath the edge of the cliff. We were through night fishing on that lake forever and headed to the dock as quickly as we could.
You can fish there at night, but I would not advise it.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

No Chance Award

Acceptance Speech, MS> I have made sure to be nominated in several categories in the Bloggers Choice Awards. There is no way in hell that a Southern Blog about Deer Hunting can win, but a few more people might come visit. If you get a chance, at least go vote for me and leave a comment. Thanks!
Click Here!- search (humor, sports, best blog)

Better yet, he is the link Bloggers Choice Awards- Deer Camp Blog

The Blackwater Beast

Harmontown, MS> Growing up, my father taught us everything we needed to know about hunting and the woods. As we got older, it was exciting to use this knowledge to actually go in the woods, locate a big buck, build a stand and hunt that particular animal.
Locally over the years, I have scouted and hunted all over about a 5 county area. I have taken several nice bucks and learned a tremendous amount about the forest in my area. This story is about the first big buck that I really found and hunted. He was named The Blackwater Beast.
My father, Hershel Howell, had taken a large buck called The Peddler Field Phantom, a year or so earlier and we became obsessed with naming and taking a monster buck.
This is the only deer that I took that the name actually stuck.
I had become obsessed with scouting and figuring a place to hunt on the north side of Sardis Lake near Harmontown. This is where a lot of our family had come from and as kids we had spent a lot of time there hunting for arrowheads in the lake bottom. There were no deer there at that time. The deer herd grew and I found myself building a stand on a long narrow ridge over a red hot scrape surrounded by large rubs. Near the edge of this ridge was a stream named Blackwater Creek. The Blackwater Beast became real.
I was sixteen with a vivid imagination.
The stand was built and I eagerly waited to hunt there during Thanksgiving. I felt I needed at least three days to get the deer. I was correct.
The first two days I was surrounded by trucks flying up and down the roads, people talking and dogs running. I knew that no big buck in his right mind would go to the scrapes with that kind of racket going on.
The third day was cool, crisp and still. The dog hunters had moved on to a new area and the woods were silent. At 7 o’clock that morning I heard the big deer raking his horns on a branch below me. I got my rifle ready and soon the big 10-point came trotting up the trail. The big deer got in the scrape and stood on his back legs raking his horns and face along an overhanging branch. I started to shoot him in the center of the chest but figured no one would believe me. As soon as his feet hit the ground and he turned sideways I pulled the trigger. Dark horns, a mature big buck and the first 10-point anyone had ever taken in our family. I was on top of the world and it was very hard for my brothers to live with me that year.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The South Jersey Shuffle

I visited a great writer named Doug Skinner at his new blog. It has a lot of good fishing post right now but will cover all Outdoor Recreation (deer hunting) as he gets the hang of this. He is an outdoor writer for the Courier Post. A real Outdoor Writer! Unlike me, this is someone that actually knows what the hell they are writing about! This very good site is
named South Jersey Outdoors.
Drop by and check it out, I have a feeling he is going to be around for a long time.

Plans for The Othmar

Riverboat, MS> Now that we have The Othmar in the water, the first thing I need to do is paint the name on it. Second is to take a boat paddle and beat everybody that suddenly has wonderful plans for the pontoon boat. Oh, now that it is floating everybody has grand ideas, but where were they when we were trying to get the damn thing in the water (said the little red hen)?
Paul "Six Shooter" Howell wants to mount a machine gun nest on it and float back and forth blasting deer all winter. I don't think so.

I would like to buy a camoflague cover and use it for duck hunting in the winter. Now at the famous Christmas Place we have two kinds of ducks and they are both sneaky. There are flying ducks like mallards that zip in and land on the water and swim (without permission) and there are swimming ducks.

These are very strange ducks that I have never seen before. They can't fly, are really big, swim great, nest on the bank and hide in the woods. They also taste great if you blast one. Truthfully, I have no idea what the limit is on these things but they are all over the place. Swimming and honking and making all kinds of damn noise when you are trying to deer hunt. I will have the pontoon ready for a surprise attack on these varmints in the fall!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Eight Random Facts About Me

It's a meme, but it's a good way to learn about fellow bloggers deep, dark secrets...

The Rules: Players start with 8 random facts about themselves. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts. Players should tag eight other people and notify them that they have been tagged.
Debbie at Right Truth has tagged me.
1. Dammit, I really enjoy smoking. I hate that PC people are trying to outlaw it and have fought against quitting mostly for that very reason.
2. I enjoy hunting differently from my brothers and getting a deer. It drives them crazy. I don't use deer scents and smoke among other things.
3. I could drink coffee all day.
4. I am a very light drinker, mostly social, but people think I am a big drinker.
5. I am a lover and not a fighter. I am pretty non-confrontational and have been abused a little for it. I am also a little passive-agressive and will balk like a mule when I reach my limit.
6. I really want all the bloggers that I link with to come visit. The Christmas Place is a real place and I can feel it tugging at me to come there every day. I love for people to fall in love with it like I have.
7. I love appraising and don't care much for selling. I am burned out from the back-stabbing and lies that I have heard. When people ask what I do, invariably I answer that I am an appraiser.
8. I absolutely love blogging, I can't wait to put a story up every day. It is driving everyone else in my family crazy. I want to get every story about my father and our hunting life together on paper. I love comments and feel camaraderie with my fellow bloggers.
Who to tag?
1. Marians Hunting Stories a true friend
2. Goons' Redneck ND goon Sprint cars and Pabst Blue Ribbon?
3. The Cook Shack Now, he has an interesting past.
4. Ephemera Who is this guy?
5. Contrary to popular belief?
6. Eject, Eject, Eject Let's see if he will play.
7. Idaho Fishing Times There's something fishy about him
8. Bright Ideas Outdoor Blog Maybe he will give us all some bright ideas

Camos' Corner

Dogpatch, MS> Rex is out appraixing teday. I want to tell you why I like to go te camp. It is fun! We load up on Friday and drive to camp. I get to stand on the frent seat and see everthing. I bark too!
Trigger is alweys ther and he is my best frend. I love seeing Pop too.
He feeds us bear sausege and we get to go fishin wit him. I try to get the fish in the bucket, they taste funny.
Rex and Mommy take me riding on the Gator and 4 wheler. That is great fun. Sometimes we see bad der and I chase them.They alweys yell loud for me to get one! Trigger and I always have fun! I also get to bark at the tires, they really make me krazy.
I get to go hikin and sploring. there are lots of strenge smells down there. I can smell possums, raccoons, armydillos, deer and sometimes a cat. I like to chase all of those. If we smell a deer while we are laying at camp we bark as loud as we can. Rex or someone will get a deer and we will bite that damn thing until they make us stop. Paul hates that, but everone things it is funny. We get to chew on antlers and sometimes deer meat.
The best thing I like to do is run. I love runnin to the lake or threw the woods. Ther is seios stuff to do too. I guard the camp from robbers.
sometimes we hear thse evel coyotes howl and we guard the camp from those awful things too. The most fune we have is playing chase with Thunderhoof! He is very fast! We play chase late in the afternoons. We chase him, he chases us. we run and run!
The famoos Christmas Place is the most fun place in the world! blog people shold come visit nad run and bark with me.
That is all fer now. Rex don't let me use comperter much, and it is hard to type with paws. come visit and stay tunded for more from Camos' Corner!
PS leaf me a comment and I will bark back!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Weekend Confusion

High Cotton, MS> Saturday morning, Denise, Camo and I headed to camp. Denise was determined that she was going to catch some fish and I was determined that I was going to mark the boundaries on the new field I want. We both succeeded.
Dad took Rena, Denise, Camo, Trigger and I for an outing on The Othmar and we caught about 25 crappie. Paul Jones was in his little boat and caught about 50 bream. Denise caught several (4) crappie and was very excited. That is one great fishing boat. Rena caught most of the fish. A natural born fisherwoman if I ever saw one. A very good afternoon.

I managed to take Denise and mark the field late that afternoon, so we were ready for supper and a nice cold beer. Later Pauls' great wife Dianne, and her cousin came by and all of us enjoyed fresh crawfish again!
We lit a fire and knocked off the chill of the evening later and sat and talked for awhile. It was very nice and relaxing.

This is no time for play,
this is not time for fun,
This is the Christmas Place,
There is work to be done!

At 7 the next morning Dad rolls me out and tells me to start bush-hogging while he sprays Roundup. I cut the Landing Strip in front of the Point Stand, The Indian Village Field, in front of the Sneaky Stand and go over and cut the Privy Field.
I managed to get this pic of Dad when I was through. For 80 years old, he is one tough customer. I also managed to take Denise up to see the Haunted Graveyard. We headed back tired but proud of a good weekend. I even made it back in time to get in 9 holes of Golf!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Simmering, Bubbling BLog

I have just added a new link in the sidebar to a very good blog run by a guy named Dash. The name of the blog is The Boiling Point. He simmers along with political viewpoints and a wry look at life in general, until he gets mad enough to reach the boiling point, then Look Out! He is from Texas, so he doesn't suffer fools lightly, he hunts, loves guns and can knock a golfball a mile.
Give his blog a look, you will be glad you did.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Birthday John

John Stewart turned 21 today. He is officially a grown man. He calls me Uncle Rex,
because of the long friendship I have enjoyed with his father, Mark (Mailrider) Stewart. One of these days he is accidentally going to kill a big deer. I hope he will take some time off this summer and go down and play golf with Paul. Call me and I will give you the address so you can surprise him!
Happy Birthday John!

Christmas Lake Catfish

BlueCat, MS> I just received an email from Dianne Jones. She and her husband Paul are some of our closest friends and live next door to the famous Christmas Place Lunker Club. She sent these pictures of Paul after he caught this big cat on a 6lb. line this week. She sent the email, he is still recovering from the battle.

She says in her email that they talked and talked about keeping the fish, but they both knew how much I wanted GuyK to catch one of these that they threw it back in.
Now aint't that Charming, Just Charming. Hurry up GuyK! If you want to congratulate Paul, here is their address. mailto:

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Indian Plums

Scouting is more than walking through the woods looking for deer sign. You move through the woods looking for that of course, but you also look for things that stand out, are different, or unusual. You have to be aware. Spring is the perfect time for scouting because the deer sign is still fresh, the woods have that first growth of green foilage but are very open, and you can see a long way through the woods. I learned a long time ago that during this time of year to always look for flowering trees. These are usually fruit trees of some kind. Mark them and check them later to be sure once the fruit is big enough. I have found wild apple trees, pear trees and plum trees. Going through the woods at the famous Christmas Place one year I discovered a flowering tree that Dad said was an Indian Plum.
Every animal in the woods loves plums, especially deer!

He took several of the plums and planted them in a plastic bucket. It took two years before they sprouted. He planted them in his backyard. They are beautiful and have a small plum that is a little sour to me. There are a lot of things to see in the woods, pay attention you might find that secret fruit tree for your next stand.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

500 POST

Today is post number 500. I think I still have a couple of thousand more in me. Thank you to all the people that have encouraged me and read me through this amount of time. To all my blogger friends, thank you. To the readers, especially someone in San Jose, CA and Corvallis, OR, and some military guys in San Diego that never leave comments but are faithful readers, thank you. Please come in from the cold and leave some comments, I would love to have your input and for you to be part of the fun. Under LABELS I have put my so-called ghost stories and favorite wild tales for y'all to read. FHB liked the car story and it is there too.
I have a bunch more and I get most of my bright ideas from you readers.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Owling My Deer

My First Deer With A Bow
At an early age, we were taught that when my father came off his stand and it was time for us to move out of the woods, he would call like an owl. I have heard him call hundreds of times and you can not tell the difference between him and a real owl. I have watched while he called owls in to us. The purpose was to not disturb the woods and we could all slip out without any undue noise. Years ago, when we hunted up at Abbeville, we had located an area where a dark colored and very smart big buck lived. We called him the Shadow. We never got him but had some great times hunting this area. This is about the time I got my first deer with a bow.
A sand ditch wound down the hollow and ended at a forgotten pond. My stand was on the edge of this and the deer sign was plentiful. It was hot and dry and I knew deer were watering here in the day. My brother Paul had held up at a stand about halfway down the long ditch and was hunting the edge of a cane thicket. Dad had moved several hollows north of us to a spot he had found. We hunted with recurve bows then and had been practicing half the summer. I knew if I could get a deer in range I had a very good chance.
The October afternoon was hot and very still when right at dark, two deer came out across the pond, waded in and drank, then slowly moved around and down the edge toward me. I managed to ease to my feet and got in shooting position as the two does ambled toward me. I put all my concentration on the spot on the deer I wanted to hit. I pulled back and made the 15 yard shot. The deer exploded, turned and took off. A few minutes later I found the arrow up the trail lying half in the water. there was no blood on it but I knew it was a good shot. It was now dark and I heard an owl hoot way up the hollow. Dry mouthed and excited I tried to owl back, it probably sounded like a wounded crow. A few seconds later my brother, Paul, owled. I owled again, my Dad owled, then Paul owled. What the heck was going on? I needed to track that deer before it was pitch dark. I owled, Paul owled, Dad owled. Two real owls joined in and you would have thought it was an owl convention! Damn! Finally I could hear Paul and Dad together owling. I owled back and finally they got to me. Paul had got a deer at the same time as me! Ten minutes later we located my deer and late that evening we had them both loaded and headed back to camp. A wonderful memory of a great hunt for all of us. Paul and Rex

Monday, May 14, 2007

A Rat Killing

Winding Putt, MS> The annual Golf Camp at the famous Christmas Place Country Club was this last weekend, and let me tell you, it was a rat killing. Trent "Pinseeker" Howell, Rex "Chipper" Howell, and Greg "Power Drive" Jones beat the living crap out of the losers we played against. I had to stop in Lexington to buy a wheel barrow to put my money in on the way home. We barely lost to those idiots on Friday, then gained momentum and began to way lay them the rest of the weekend. Joe "Yip Putt" Black, Barry "Shank Alot" Weeks and last but not least Bebo " Three Putt" Howell could not get their ball in the hole with both hands. It is not everyday that Bebo gets murderized. Fresh cut grass, sweaty palms and snakey putts, Ah, smells likes VICTORY! Barry Weeks, Trent Howell, Joe Black, Rex Howell, Bebo Howell, Greg Jones
A fun and great golfing weekend for everyone.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Car In The Woods

The weather was cold and the wind was completely still. A deep frost lay over the whole Christmas Place that morning as we got up to go deer hunting. We all were bundled up and excited as we cranked the 4-wheelers and then had our last coffee while we discussed where everyone was hunting that morning. Most of us were heading to different food plots that morning but Paul had located some big sign in a remote area in the center of the property and was taking his climber in to set up for the morning. It sounded good and after some good natured ribbing and wishes of good luck we all left and went our separate ways.
It was still way before day as Paul parked, turned on his flashlight and got ready to head to his stand. Paul had a long way to go, plus he had to be very careful using his climber. He managed to get his climber on his back, put his rifle in the crook of his arm found the deer trail and headed into the woods. The frost covered ground made every step sharp and unusually loud in the silent woods and after about ten minutes he started to hear the sound of a tinny radio playing somewhere. Light laughter and muffled voices also broke the stillness. He had to pass right by an old Dodge car in the woods on the way to his stand and it sounded like it was coming from that direction.
Soon, it was louder and he could make out The Big Bopper singing, followed by more music from the 50’s. He could see the car with his flashlight and a light glow emanated from the windows. He stopped about 20 feet away and turned off his flashlight. In the glow, he could see what looked like 4 teenagers laughing and talking. A young man and a girl in the front, and another couple in the backseat, all talking and drinking. Through the frost covered glass, it looked like they were having a good time. Paul inched closer. It was 5:30AM and those kids were in the wrong place for a party. What the hell were they doing? He walked up closer to the car.
A sharp and paralyzing coldness met him like a wall. Instantly the light went out in the old car and the music faded away. It grew deathly quiet. Paul felt fear but did not understand why. He seemed to break a spell and stepped forward and rapped on the window. No response. He said “Look, I know y’all are in there, come on out.” No response. He tried the door, it would not budge. He told them to come out a couple of more times with no response. He was starting to get ticked off. Paul turned on his flashlight, reached down and wiped the frost from the window and directed the white beam inside. Looking in, he could see the interior was empty. The inside of the car was in perfect condition and he could see the glow of the radio. He was confused and suddenly he saw the door lock come up and he heard the pull of the door latch. He fell back and went to his knees as the door started to slowly open. Terrified, Paul dropped his climber, and backed away while holding his gun on the open door. Nothing came out. When he was clear, he ran back to his 4-wheeler. He hunted in sight of the camp that day. On a bright sunny day, we went back, found his climber and we inspected the car. The seats are rotted out and there is no radio in it. The doors will not open. We accused him of making the story up.
He has never set foot near the old car again and says it does not matter how big a deer is there, he will never hunt near it again.
A year later, I asked Paul Jones what he knew about the car and why it was in the woods.
He knew all about it and said that on Prom Night in 1962, two couples (one of them was one of the last of the Christmas family) had gone to Greenwood for dinner and the prom and all four were killed by a drunk driver late that night as they headed home. The car was parked behind the house for a year and then one day the grieving boys’ father had hitched his tractor to it, fixed the tires and had dragged it as deep into the woods as he could. For a long time he would not say why, but later he said that his son loved hunting and he left it as a memorial. No one believed him. Paul said “the rumor was that sometimes late at night you could hear music coming from the car.” He looked at me expectantly and I said “I haven’t heard anything” He said “I have, and we leave that old car alone.” We have never talked about it again.
He also said that sometimes pictures taken there will show a face inside the car.

New Links To Enjoy

I have received two new links recently. The first is from Kristine Shreve aka Gunslingergirl at an innovative place called Hunt Smart Think Safety Blog She is the marketing director for a group called Gun Safety Innovations. They are involved in marketing safety items for hunters and outdoor enthusiast. Their latest safety item is the Gunslinger, and protects you and your rifle while climbing in and out of a stand or if you drop your weapon. Our camp needs a dozen of these. Paul can't keep tieing a rope around his neck and calling it good. Maybe her company will sponsor an outing and video to come down and try her stuff out.

The second link is to a guy that I am sure is either crazy or a genius. I can't tell which. He goes by the cool name of Blogagog and his site is Toast, It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore. This site dabbles in politics, weird humor, enlightened videos, comics, the state of the world, and his quest for great toast. You know venison taste great on toast.

Golf Camp This Weekend

Divot, MS> Tomorrow starts the Golf Wars. Trents' annual Golf Camp is starting and all the usual duffers will be heading into the Nineteenth hole at the famous Christmas Place for the weekend. Friday afternoon we will stop on the way down and play Sandstone Gold Club at Lexington. Head into camp, and that night we are having ribs. We will play golf at Silver City (Bolivar country Club) and at the Benton Country Club. It should get real interesting.
The teams are Joe "Big Slice" Black, Barry "Sod Chopper" Weeks and Bebo "Worm Killer" Howell. They will be playing the team of...
Greg "Sandy Shoes" Jones, Rex "Lost Ball" Howell and Trent " Shank Wedge" Howell.
Be sure to avoid driving in that county this weekend, you could lose a windshield. Looks like a great Golf Camp shaping up. I'm sure that I will be able to retire with all the money I win.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Package Arrives

We are sitting around the office doing nothing of course, when the UPS guy comes in with a package. What in the world is it?
New golf clubs?
Dad tore into the package like it was Christmas!

He opened it up and pulled out the coolest walking stick you will ever see.
It was beautifully polished and just the right height.
Tight leather grip in the perfect spot and a very nice engraving of an eagle cut into the top.
What a gift!

Now who would have sent such an elaborate gift?
Not any of the cheap members of our camp.
Not any of his cheap lawyer sons either.
Who would?

Why our good friends Bob and Marian Phillips
Dad said to tell you, Thank You for the wonderful gift. He will use it and treasure it. He also said to hurry back and visit us again!

Catching Up

HumpDay, MS> I can't believe that the story about Marian and our weekend took 4 post. It was incredible but now we move on. I started a Meme and Cliff at Hunting Sense took me up on it. A story about a great miss and lessons learned from it. My Worst Mistake.
Meanwhile, Mark brought a boxstand to camp and worked on it most of the weekend.
I am not sure you can kill a deer out of it, looks more like a hog trap to me.
I also wanted to post what I think may be the best picture of the weekend. Everyone was exhausted Saturday night. Erin and Trigger fell asleep on the couch.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Bestest Weekend IV

Wrapping Up the Weekend
Blog City, MS> We got up fairly early Sunday morning, Dazed and Confused, and had coffee. Dad and Rena had left at daylight to go fishing and it took us awhile to come alive. Bob pulled something out of the refrigerator called Mississippi Mud. A combination of chocolate milk and Rum! After two glasses of that I gained some Drunken Wisdom and was ready. Mark and Bob got on a 4wheeler and Marian and I took the other and off we went. We headed to the lake.

Pulling up we could see Rena and Dad both catching fish as they trolled the lake in The Othmar. Thunderhoof and Dads' stupid dog Trigger swam out there, but I couldn't get Thunderhoof in the picture. Rena was tearing up the fish!

We decided to make a loop up around the Crossover area and back to the cornfields before Marian and Bob left.
But first we headed for the Mysterious and Haunted Graveyard. No one got killed, so we headed up to the big Indian Mound on top of the bluff. Checked that out and then headed to Crossover and went through the woods there and showed them some more of our stands. We did find some fresh Hog Sign if anyone is interested.
Before we knew it, it was time for them to go.
I hope they enjoyed the weekend as much as I did, and I sure hope they come back soon. They are from Vicksburg and I want to go down and visit that area this summer.
Bob was great with a wonderful knowledge of hunting and could take or give a joke easily. Marian just seemed excitedly overwhelmed. I feel like I gained family in the visit and hope they come shoot a big fat deer this fall.