Wednesday, May 29, 2019

A Memorial Memorial Day

After spending years working my way up the food chain at the famous Christmas Place, I finally managed to actually have a Holiday there with my family, without my Evil brothers bothering me.
Denise and I, plus my daughter Sarah and her boyfriend Ryan headed into camp Friday for what turned out to be a really nice, fun weekend.
Hamburgers on the grill Friday, cut some grass Saturday morning and then went riding and exploring the property so that Ryan could see everything.
we took pictures at all the Indian mounds, saw a crocogator in the lake, explored trails, got stuck, looked for sheds, saw 2 snakes (thank God Denise did not see them), and really enjoyed the big hardwood forests on the property.
That night into Jackson for dinner at BabaLou's restaurant and crashed that night.
The next morning we cut a little more grass and then went and walked in the clear spring fed creek that wanders across the property. The water was very cold, but we waded looking for arrowheads and old bottles. Then Sarah and Ryan left for the coast and we headed home.
A super weekend.

Thursday, May 02, 2019

Water Valley Cannon Returns

The old cannon we used to play on as kids has been AWOL for several years now but at last has been returned to the little downtown park it has guarded for 70 years. The cannon has been refurbished, repainted and reworked to be a proud sentinel for Water Valley and a symbol for the faithful soldiers of the town that gave their all to defend us.
The cannon was dedicated around 1950 to be that symbol, but of course it was also in place to guard the railroad and keep those damn Oxford people at bay. You can also see that it is pointed North, just in case...........