Tuesday, May 17, 2016

1st Work Weekend

My brother, Trent, (Lucifer) sent out letters for our first work weekend of the year and all the hard working members of the famous Christmas Place Hunting Club were there. This means Rex, Trent and Mark.
When I drove up to the camp I thought, "Look at that old abandoned house" then realized it was our camp house. We got busy cutting grass that was about 4 feet high and spent all Saturday just working around the camp to get it looking good.  Now it looks great, so my other brother, Paul, (Satan) can take his buddies up there to play golf or hog hunt.

Monday, May 02, 2016

The Red Wedding Season Begins

I have never seen so many weddings involving the cast of the famous Christmas Place Hunting Club and Honey Moon Resort. As you can imagine, it is a series of small disasters one after the other.
This past weekend Burney and Kathy headed to Gulf Shores to get married on the beach and at the same time Mark Stewart's son, Drew, was getting married in Memphis. We couldn't make the beach, but had to go to the Memphis shindig. Fortunately, we chose correctly
Now know this, every time we go or do something with my brother Satan (Paul) something goes screwy and our luck was typical as the wedding was great but circumstances (undisclosed) and Paul's big mouth,  made Paul, Wanda and I have to wear disguises to slip away from the raucous and enraged mob at the wedding reception. (again)
You may think we were dressed strangely, but I assure you that we fit in well with the strange eclectic crowd we had to escape.
Next week: Paul's, I mean Hillary's big wedding!