Friday, August 29, 2008


The pep rally came off fine with no one getting killed. The event started off with Erin and her young group of cheerleaders taking center stage to do their routines. In this photo I think a fire ant must have been in her pants.

After some fiery talk the High School Cheerleaders took the stage and worked through their routines and were really good. Kicking and swirling, the crowd clapped their appreciation. I had never heard the cheer that went

"Kill those dirty rotten @#$!$#$$%$^%'s"
"Kill those dirty rotten @#$!$#$$%$^%'S"

The wild Frontier mentality seemed to take over after with that.
It seemed to get everyone in the mood for bloodshed.

Tyler Jones (#66 on your roster) grabbed the mike, bit the head off a live chicken and spit it into the crowd.
They went crazy! I think they are fired up enough to take Coffeeville this afternoon, but the game will be at 7:30PM.
This all may not have really happened, sometimes I get confused with reality and what should have happened! Either way, the team is fired up!
We are going to tailgate in the grove this weekend with the Mailrider and his clan. If you have never done this, you are missing one of the most fun things about southern football. Sunday we are probably heading to camp to shoot a big fat dove or a hog. Monday we will hunt a little and relax, but I think Gustav may be coming to see us and it will rain, rain, rain.
Will have pics from the Grove at Ole Miss on Monday. Go Rebs!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Big Pep Rally

Tonight is the big pep rally for the opening of high school football. To start the season, we are playing our hated in-county rivals. So it will be the Water Valley Blue Devils -vs- the Coffeeville Pirates. This is usually an all out war of bragging rights that goes down to the last second.
The pep rally is at the new bandstand downtown in Water Valley, and Sarah and the other cheerleaders are going to whip everyone into a lathering frenzy to get after those guys south of us.
There will be speeches and music to get started and then the big bonfire where we burn either a dummy or one of their coaches if we can catch him.
The Herald will notify his next of kin if needed.
Then we will throw rocks and break out all the windows on Main Street. Now comes turning over all the cars and setting them on fire. Everyone here has a rifle you know, so we will shoot out all the street lights and loot all the stores.
It is always a fun night for everyone and we will be ready for our team to get after Coffeeville. (I could be confusing this with LA)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Your Favorite Hunting Spot?

Where Is Your Favorite Hunting Spot
Cubbedge Hill Plantation
Hwy 61 Hunting Club
Coon Camp Springs
Christmas Place Plantation
Camp Chicken
Goldthwaite, TX
Miss Lindseys Pancakes and Nude Dancing Emporium
Anywhere With Othmar
Camp Cowboy
Eastern Connecticut Sportsmen Club
Free polls from

Cubbedge Hill, Hwy 61, Coon Camp Springs, Camp Chicken, Goldthwaite, TX, Miss Lindseys, Othmar, Camp Cowboy, Eastern Connecticut
I know half of you men are trying to hunt at the Cheyenne Social Club but there was not room on the poll for it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Pic For Christmas

I have been looking for a good picture of Thunderhoof for our Christmas Card. He insists that he is a Megaloceros and not a whitetail deer. HA!
I found this pic but if you find a better one, please send it to me.
PS- for some reason Erin and Blessed want to ride a mammoth in the picture, hope I can find one hiding around the property.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Princess Arrives

Last week was move-in day for the freshmen at Ole Miss. My shyster brother, Paul, called and wanted Trent and I to help Hillary move into her dorm. I expected a nightmare and of course I got one.

It started raining about dawn and kept getting heavier. Could they wait till it quit? Hell no. So, here we go up to the University to move her in.
The dorm room she is going to share with Emily Cutrere is 14 x 12, Paul and Terry had 4 truckloads of junk, yes 4, to go into that little room. I think they are going to have to rent an apartment somewhere to live in.
It was wet, she was on the ninth floor, the lightning flashed, the rain fell in sheets, the elevators were packed, and Paul was giving orders. I did not have my gun.
Here are the girls (Emily and Hillary) and their Moms' busy as bees.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Waiting Game

As summer slowly ends and the feel and taste of fall starts to creep into every cool morning, the thought of hunting and getting to camp is on my mind. We are already running behind on getting our fields ready and there is a tremendous amount of work to be done. It will start soon and you will get the idea of changes we are going to make, what areas are hot, our annual pitiful dove hunt, replacing stands, and sneaking around scouting. Paul and Dad have seen several really good bucks already and we feel this may be the best year ever.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thunderhoof''s Summer Vacation

For any of you wondering what that stupid deer has been up to all summer, I want to let you know that he has been busy traveling Europe.
Oh, he is in great demand traveling, signing autographs, opening art galleries, posing for pictures etc. A regular high-class world traveler is he.

Here is a pic of a wood carving he posed for in England.
Notice the beady eyes and the smirk on his face.

Not to be outdone, the French put his ugly mug on a postage stamp.

And finally, he headed to Beijing for the Olympics.

The Chinese just love him. They are always fawning over him and bowing and giving him the big head. Oh yeah, they gave him an honorary Gold Medal for participating in the first Olympics. Here is a pic of the painting done of him at the first Olympics.
He is involved in the Marathon where he is outrunning some sap named Hercules.
As you can see, he is always showing off.
I can't wait till he gets back, I am going to fill him so full of arrows that he will look like a pincushion.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Things To Do

It is raining cats and dogs here and I have had a very interesting morning, of which I will post about tomorrow. Right now I need to go over my list of things to do.
-go out in the middle of nowhere and appraise 200 acres of land.
-drive to Charleston and appraise a home
-work on appraisal of store building in Cleveland
-do two appraisals in Coffeeville
-work up a BPO
-get squared away with Denise and the bank on my loan
-meet with prospective buyers on two properties
-get rid of the shanks in my golf game
-pay damn bills
-submit invoices for payment of lawn services
-visit all the blogs
-hide in my closet for a week

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Confederate Map Pt. 9

Now we get to the part that I have written about before. I had changed the story of the Strange Rock Carvings up a little because I wanted to make sure not to leave a clue to anyone that a real treasure was buried on our property.
This is what happened. I carefully photographed all aspects of the strange carved rock face deep in the center of our property. I also sketched each figure and put them exactly on the paper like they were chiseled into the rock.
I took the whole mess and sent a copy to Cookie, the old codebreaker. He said he would let me know when he figured something out. A month went by, then two and I received an email from him. The email said that he had part of the code figured out and went into detail of how it was written. To make the story short for this blog, it was written in semaphore from the Confederate Navy. A slight change had been carried out by these forces, to keep the Union army from intercepting their messages and it was only used late in the war and later forgotten. There were still a few copies of it around and of course it was somewhere on the internet. Cookie happened to stumble on it after talking to some of his old friends in Washington that had access to the Super Cray computers.
After getting that information and figuring out the rest of it. This is what I found buried near the site.
It is some kind of intricately designed Naval wrench (the handle has CSA on it) and I carefully put it away with the old diary until I could figure out what to do with it. Soon after this, I got another break and the Treasure Hunt was about to start in earnest. I will write about this and how GuyK and Marian spent a couple of extra days at the camp with me after everyone had left after the 4th of July. We had a wild treasure hunt that they have all agreed that I can now tell you about. Stay Tuned.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Where They At?

As we get into August, I am concerned about some of our missing bloggers. I mean, has anybody even heard from Ivan since he got married? Probably dead.
What about those squirrel hunters, Andy and Julie?
What has happened to my good friend over at Hunting Sense? Makes no sense to me not to hear from him.
Fuzzy is missing and so is our New York Bowhunter. Hell our PhD in Deerology is gone missing too.
There are several others too. Our Alpha Male is missing, the Outdoor University seems closed, and no one knows what's going on in Jersey.
Someone needs to get these guys motivated again, deer season is rapidly approaching.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ahhh, Grandkids

Can't live with 'em, can't feed 'em to the coyotes...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How To Age A Deer

I have been receiving several hits on Google Search from people wanting to know how to age a deer. This can be very helpful in analyzing your deer herd but can be very difficult to accomplish.
First.. you need a complete jungle wild man, like Kees, to trap the varmint. need two big burly mean SOB's like GuyK and Mushy to hold the damn thing.
Third... you need an overly curious outdoorsman like Art to pry it's mouth open.
Fourth.. you need some bizarre psuedo intellectual like Blogagog to reach in and hold the awful things' tongue.
Fifth..You need someone completely crazy like Dazd to stick their head in there and look at the teeth.
Now, if the deer has fillings it is about 4-6 years old. If it has caps it is from 7-9 years old and if it has false teeth it is over 10 years old.
After getting the information, make sure everyone is in good enough condition to run like hell after you turn the deer loose.
Not everyone agrees with this information, for another take on the subject go to this site, How to Age A Deer.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


(please click to enlarge)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bloody Golf

It was supposed to be a relaxing weekend of golf at the camp. Paul invited David Hyde and Jim Rusch up to play and got me in the deal too. We were supposed to do a little lite work Saturday morning and play golf that afternoon. Paul was excited to come up and show off again and it got his blood up. At the last minute he slid his rifle into his golf bag (just in case).
Saturday morning at daylight he was found wandering around the place. That morning he saw 9 different bucks and several of them were wallhangers. He crept along with his rifle enjoying the morning when a big fat hog appeared in front of him at the Point Stand. Quicker than you can say Hog Blog, the rifle roared! Blam!
Another hog bites the dust. He and Jim also beat David and I at golf, but we are pretty sure they cheated (as usual).
Here is a pic of the killer and my Dad with the big 150 lb. porker.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Cash On The Barrelhead

Yep, it is actually raining money over here in Mississippi. I finally received that big check from my ads. Thank you Google and Thank you Blogger too.
As you can see the check is for $10,000 and now that I have received it, I am sure that I will be getting one like it every month. Guess I can retire and become a Great White Hunter, notorious safari guide and professional blogger.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Slots Are Cheaper

Picking up the story of our little vacation to Geyser Falls, we enjoyed the day and headed over to the Silver Star Casino to stay the night. Bad Idea....
They have an arcade over there that the kids just about went crazy to play in.
It did not take me long to realize that the darn arcade was more expensive than the slot machines. Here is Spencer, rolling and controling those balls.
The kids never hit the jackpot there but I lost on every game. I guess I should have just given them the money to go to the craps tables.

Here is a pic of Erin and her friend Madison enjoying the arcade.
They had a great time but as I get older, I find myself hating to put money in any machine that just eats it. I gritted my teeth and tried to keep quiet. I think every one had a really good time and I would like to go back to the waterpark, but I think I will skip the casino.
PS- I got Erin the Ipod.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Erin!

Today is my baby coon's birthday. This picture was recently taken on their trip to Washington DC. A very nice pic of Erin and Sarah together, looking very grown up. Erin is 11 today and finally old enough to enter Hogwarts School of Magic. We are planning on lunch downtown with a small party. All she has asked for her birthday is an Ipod. Do you know how much a damn Ipod cost? Holy Smoke!
Don't forget that she is the Jr. Deer Camp Blog editor.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Saturday In The Park

Saturday at dawn, the Watermelon Carnival started full blast and yes it was hot, hot, hot. Those Pullen boys were selling melons in front of my office and sold out by midafternoon.
At the hottest part of the day, the Mechanics Bank gave away free, ice cold, slices to everyone.
Spencer and I wanted an unusual shot of the park and festivities and we snuck over to the Regions Bank, climbed up on the roof and took a couple of pics.
It was a hot day and at least a hundred degrees but there was good music, lots of games, interesting crafts and a good time had by all. Reminds me of the song by Chicago.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Watermelon Carnival Starts

The first real event of the Watermelon Carnival was Friday night at 7:00. On the way, we got a pic of Denise with this 123 lb. monster melon. We headed on over to the annual Art Exhibit featuring paintings and some ceramics from our local artists.
This was also a combo wine and cheese party that our host (the Persons) have every year and is a lot of fun and lets everyone do a lot of mingling.

Even our esteemed dentist (Dr. Barry Weeks) had his photos up for people to check out and purchase. Luckily they were wildlife photos and not pictures of his horribly agricultural golf swing.

Here are some newcomers to town, Bill and his dark haired wife, Patti, are our newest starving artists. In the middle is Annette, who has already made an impact on our town by being involved with the growth of the downtown area.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Weekend Events

Looking out over the park this morning, I can see that the Watermelon Carnival is in full swing. A light rain last night cooled everything off but it looks like it will be a hot one before the day is over. Will get pictues etc., when I can.
Dad has gone to camp to meet the Bulldozer guy. This is surely a mistake according to the great Deer Camp Axioms. Do you remember what happened the last time he used a bulldozer?
We are going to enjoy the Carnival and hang here. We also have the art exhibit tonight and the big street dance to attend. Saturday at noon is the biggest watermelon contest and we are putting Spencer in the seed spitting contest.
Isn't Debbie supposed to come to the Carnival this year?