Friday, September 29, 2017

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Big Planting

Last weekend was the big planting camp at the famous Christmas Place. Trent, Paul, Burnet, Spencer, Terry Cutrair, Stewart Allen, our wonderful neighbor Paul Jones and me, your friendly neighborhood blogger were all in attendance.
The ground broke smoothly with a little hurricane water still keeping it wet and we poured on the seed and fertilizer. It was perfect. In fact we managed to work almost all day until Trent (as usual) tore up the disk and I came within a whisker of cutting my leg off with a chainsaw. No, I don't know how he did it either, but give him credit, we had to drag it in and use our little disk to finish with on Sunday.
We don't lack much and hope to have everything ready before squirrel camp in a couple of weeks.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hurricane Denise

The hurricane started as just a small rain cloud several years ago. "It sure would be nice to go to the beach sometime," she said. Over time it started to form and get bigger into a Category 1 storm.
:"You know it sure would be nice to go to the beach. We need to go to the beach and relax in the sun and sand. I would really like to go on a vacation to the beach this year."
I said :I've got to go to the camp, maybe later"
As time went by the storm gathered, increased to a Category  2 and quickly a Category 3. "I want to go to the beach this summer. We need to go to the beach soon. We need a vacation to the beach.
I said, "Hey, I've got to go work at the camp. Maybe later.
Category 4 did not last long, It was steely eyes staring holes in me and slow repetitive sentences." I want to go to the beach this summer. I want to see the waves, smell the ocean, We need to go to the beach this summer.
"Honey, I need to go to camp"
Suddenly this year I was hit by a major Category 5 full raging deadly hurricane beyond my imagination. "I WANT TO GO TO THE BEACH, I WANT to go to the BEACH, WE ARE GOING TO THE BEACH, @#$##%#%$ BEACH YOU @#$@#$@%$#&*
The full force of Hurricane Denise was upon me.
"What about Hurricane Irma" I whimpered.
Her eyes turned red, lightning flashed from her eyes, tornados swept through the house, my dogs hid under the bed. They growled at me when I tried to get under there too.
Trent called "I need help at the camp"
I said " I am on my way to the beach!

We had a wonderful time at Orange Beach. Great weather, lots of sun, surf and food. Looking forward to going again. SOON!