Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dad Lowers The Boom!

Dad has been after the turkeys and after last weekend when a whole passel got away, he determined to get one or not come back. At daylight this morning he was on the edge of the Levee Field when the whole woods started shaking from the gobblers cutting loose on the top of the ridge behind him. Dad has reached the stage where he can't hear thunder, so if he heard them gobble, they may have been sitting on the other end of the log with him. He perked a few times to get their attention. Anyway, a hen flew into the field and then 4 more worked down to him. The gobblers shut up and the hens wandered off. It grew quiet, Dad panicked1 What to do? What to do? He pulled the gobbler call out and hit it. Yabba-Yabba-Yabba! The gobblers cut loose too! They were right behind him! holy crap! Two were right behind him as he tried to turn and get his gun up. He froze, they froze. Mistake. BOOM! The biggest gobbler rolled and Dad tried to get up from the log. His legs wouldn't work. They started going different directions. The turkey flopped off into the woods! Holy Crap! Dad thought he was going to have to crawl after the damn turkey or shoot himself if it got away. Finally, using the shotgun as a crutch and shaking some feeling into his old legs he staggered off into the brush and found his big gobbler. 22 pounds, 9 1/2 inch beard. Can't wait for the pictures. Congratulations Dad!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

No Action Here

Dad let a whole damn flock of turkeys slip away from him this past weekend and Paul (Bloody Hands) Howell could not close the deal on a big turkey out from Water Valley. So it was a bad weekend all around. Trent did get a hog at the camp, so we are still working on them. Mark cancelled his trip down because of the nasty weather and I sat home in front of a fire and watched the Rebels lose their NCAA game. The weather has been cold and windy and nasty and just awful. Golf still seems distant and it is very slow around here. Denise has gone to California to visit her people, so it is just me and Camo. Hopefully the weather will change, spring will get going and things will start picking up.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Rebs Steal the Cheese!

Rebs win over Wisconsin, down to 32. go Rebs!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rebels To Kansas City

After defeating Florida and winning the SEC Championship, the Ole Miss Rebels are heading to Kansas City to play in the NCAA Tournament. Their opponent will be those tough Badgers from Wisconsin. Good Luck and tune in to watch the exciting Marshall Henderson and the rest of the team try to advance in the tournament. It's a really good year to be a Rebel!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Turkey Grunts?

Paul and Michael set up at the double White Oak Stand. Paul coaxed the call.. perk, perk, perk,.. perk, perk, perk. A loud grunt came out of the big woods across from them and hogs started coming in as if answering the call. Luckily (LUCKILY) Paul had a rifle with him just in case. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Michael helped him mop up the mess of hogs and before it was over, they had 5 hogs on the ground. Hey! Where is my turkey call?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Poof Of Feathers

Dad has gone crazy. this is his favorite time of year and he has been busy building turkey blinds, working on his turkey calling, shining up his shotgun and in general making a damn nuisance of himself. Yes, turkey season starts this weekend and he is rarin' to go. He has his eye on three big gobblers that have been making daily appearances over near the Sneaky Stand and hopefully he will get one early this year. Paul, Michael and Stewart "Blood Trail" Allen will be there too. I will be at the Green Gala with Denise, more on that later.. Hope for a poof of feathers from old Dad this weekend!

Friday, March 08, 2013

My Birthday!

My Birthday is tomorrow, 39 is a tough age.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Men In Tuxes

While we were doing something important like saving the world from the hostile hog invasion, these two high school seniors (Michael and Spencer) were out juking with the chicks. Ahhh, the days....

Monday, March 04, 2013

Hog Camp 2013

First, I want you to know there was a blizzard. Phillip brought it in with him from Texas and the reason I did not get a hog was because of the total white-out conditions. Camo got lost in a snowdrift!
But, like the Indians, I endeavor to persevere. 2nd, it did not slow those other hog hunting fools down one bit. The Colonel started it off with this big black nasty creature.
The snow was coming down sideways but they proceeded to blast hogs right and left. here is Davin, Roundtree and Gonzo

. Tim got a hog with a very long shot from his 7 mag and Brian Henry ran into a whole herd of hogs and when the group went to get his hog, they ran into them again. Here is our camp photo.
Everyone got some shooting and 15 hogs were taken. A very successful hunt and a lot of thanks to Burney for organizing everything. And Phillip, I hope he had a great time and will return. He was a great guest and a pleasure to be around.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Off To Hog Camp

Camo and I are almost packed and we will be leaving for hog camp around noon. Camo has new hog boots and a leather vest and is raring to go. she hates a damn hog! Burney called from camp and said everything is ready and he and dad are cutting a few trees blocking the roads today until we get there. The Lammeys are coming! The Lammeys are coming! They will be in this afternoon and maybe we can get Camo to give a few shooting lessons to them before the hunt. Prizes will be awarded for the biggest hog, which I will win of course. the most hogs and the most exotic colored hog. I may go three for three! Hopefully no one will get killed and eaten by the wild hogs this year.