Thursday, March 19, 2020

Gar Holes and Good Friends

Last weekend was the opener for turkey season at the famous and virus free Christmas Place.
My brother had a big crew of all his best friends down for the hunt and everyone had a great time.
Paul strategically placed them around the property to hunt while he just wandered to someplace in the woods to watch nature and enjoy the outdoors. None of his friends killed a turkey, They did hear turkeys gobbling though and guess where. Exactly where Paul was sitting. How bizarre and completely expected from the rest of the camp members. BLAM! Paul put this nice gobbler down and was back at the camp in no time to greet his weary friends back from the gar holes he had placed them all in.

Thursday, March 05, 2020

Hog Hunt 2020

The famous Christmas Place was bustling with activity as all our guests began arriving for the big hunt last weekend. We had the Minnesota boys, Paul and his crew of crooked shooters, My brother Wandering James, Matt the banker, Marko Hoggo and a slew of others there to kill a hog. Burney has been baiting them for 3 weeks and everything looked great.
The weather was the best it has ever been and we spent almost all of our time out around a campfire telling lies, reminiscing about old times and imbibing in spirits
Matt came through with a fine hog off Joe's Stand.

The Minnesota connection did not get a hog but we got their picture