Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Waiting For Global Cooling

Ready for winter, too bad the rest of you will freeze your fannies off.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Erin the Queen turns 19

August 6th is the date that the Queen bee turned 19. Happy Birthday Erin!

Monday, August 08, 2016

Carnival Update for 2016

Unfortunately I got side-tracked from Live Blogging the Carnival when the Swedish Bikini Team showed up and a Watermelon Fight broke out
. I am not going to elaborate.
At noon they had the weigh-in of the largest Watermelon. The expected winner at 617 lbs. was disqualified after Carnival officials agreed after much testing and repeated tastings that it was a rock painted green.
The winner was 198.4 lbs. shown here.

Friday, August 05, 2016

Live Blogging Watermelon Carnival 2016

Once again the Bodock Times will be live Blogging the famous Watermelon Carnival of 2016, deep in the heart of the South, in Water Valley, MS.
The action is swift this morning as vendors rush to their sites to set up for the trampling herds of people expected to show up early to kick off the start of the Festival.
In front of my office at 109 NORTH COURT St a huge semi filled with watermelons has crashed into another 18 wheeler full of wild Russian hogs . The hogs are loose and eating the watermelons and chasing vendors and little old ladies around the park. Here come the Police in full riot gear. Trent and Paul are running around the park in front of the hogs handing out their business cards! Some old lady is whacking a hog with her purse! RUN FOR YOUR IVES! It is a grand and exciting day here in Water Valley. Come join the fun!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Carnival Week- Finally

This week kicks of the Watermelon Carnival 2016 and to top it off the infamous Class of 1976 is having it's 40th year Reunion. Should be interesting as it has been a Long, Hot, Summer and I need to get past it and into the some deer news as soon as possible.
This week there will be plenty of Pre-Carnival activities to enjoy
1. Zika Run Challenge. The bug trucks will be in action this week rolling through town shooting out a mixture of smoke and DDT just like in the old days when we used to chase the truck as it rolled through our neighborhoods. The object is to chase it until you collapse. Last person standing wins. The bright side is you will not get the Zika virus.
2. Watermelon Stealing Workshop- This late night event usually has kids from 14-20 interested in breaking a few laws, having fun, being scared and stealing watermelons from our local producers. All contestants will wear dark clothing, carry bail money, and have insurance in case they get a rear end full of rock salt. Winner does not get caught and go to jail and have their Dad tear their butts up in front of the Sheriff.
3. Paul Howell Look Alike Contest- A Satanic look is what's required. Dress in your favorite Devil costume. The scarier you look the better. Prize is a $100 dollars (from Paul's cold clinging hands)
4. Get out of Jail Free Drawing. Tickets are 1.00 dollar. This prize will get you out of jail all winter as the Judge (Trent Howell) will be deer hunting and doesn't want any interruptions.