Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rebels? Bears? Football!

This is game week around the country as football officially starts on Thursday. The Rebels of Ole Miss will play Saturday night. This is Sarah's first game as a freshman and she is really looking forward to the excitement of going to the game. Hope we win. Here is a picture of Sarah and her roommate in the Grove with our new (strange) mascot, a bear. Jeez.
In other news, I think this damn Presidential election is going to kill me.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Camp Inept

It had to be the worst work camp at the famous Christmas Place that I have ever seen. Just so you know my evil brother organized it. (no, Paul). Of course, he called Friday and said that he was not going to show up until Saturday afternoon and he was only bringing Terry, instead of the 5 guys he promised. Saturday morning Burney and I started on the wood. Most was cut and ready to be split and we worked until noon and the damn wood splitter just blew up. No warning, no nothing. POW! It threw a rod and that was that. We messed with it a few minutes and looked up as Trent came down the road on the tractor. he was through for the day. Said he had to go to a party. We ate lunch, Trent was gone. Paul and Terry showed up then, loaded up his raggedey 4-wheelers and they took off for Yazoo City. they were gone.
 I got on the tractor, cranked it, looked up and Burney was gone. Headed to Jackson. I am the only one working. Pretty screwed up weekend.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Riding The Rails With Camo

I have been negotiating with a Railroad Company here to acquire a Locomotive and it turns out they have two that I feel like I could get. This brought thoughts on opening the Howell Line or The Camo Express so that Camo and I could ride the rails together. I also thought putting the train over in the Delta might be a good idea for tourism there and because most of the tracks are still there. I have run into a problem with my idea though. I am finding out that nobody wants a train anymore. Nobody.
Everyone says that the cost to run an excursion line or even to keep up the tracks and line is way too expensive and it won't pay for itself. I thought it would really help Water Valley to have a short track here for tourism and to highlight what was the golden era of the town. No interest.
 If you have an idea of how to use these, please write me. The locomotives are destined for the scrap yard if I can't figure a way to use them.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Hog Meister

Trent hates a damn hog. He thinks they are nasty, smelly, prehistoric evil creatures that are taking over the world. He also thinks that every one of them needs a bullet in them. Hey! We all agree! Trent has hunted hogs all summer and is now known around camp as the Hog Meister. (You can call him that too.)
Last weekend between storms, Trent headed out to the point and made a long shot to knock this nasty varmint down. Who wants porkchops?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hauling Harrows

Dad has been frantic to find a mule pulled harrow to use at camp. He even put an ad in the North Mississippi Herald and finally located one over at Paris, MS. (You would be surprised but they don't have any big towers over there at all.) So in the midst of my juggling act he grabbed me and Sarah and off to Paris we went to get the harrow. We dragged it out of an old barn while dad supervised, figured out how to take it apart so it would fit in the truck, which only took an hour. Did I mention the temperature was 100 degrees.
I loaded the damn thing with a little help from Sarah who thinks she is a supervisor too. Got it in the truck and made the remark "We getting the mule too?" they all looked at me and I realized I Was The Mule.!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Moving Day

I know all of you think that all I do all day is sit in my office playing cards on the computer but this year I have been busy as a cat covering up something. Very rarely am I home before 6 o'clock at the earliest and I still can't get everything done. On top of this, yesterday was moving day as my daughter Sarah joined the big leagues as a freshman at Ole Miss.
5 flights of stairs carrying boxes that I think were filled with shoes? Up, Down, Up, Down to get stuff in a room you can't swing a cat in. Sarah has a roommate from Texas named Christina Bass. Two girls with enough stuff to fill a department store as her roommate made sure she brought everything she had ever bought in Texas. Up, down, Up, down. 'Nuff said.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Creepy Business

Things are about to heat up as hunting season rushes at us full speed. Will try to keep you updated on big bucks, our planting schedule and the bizarre actions of my brothers as we get closer to opening day. Another thing that is rushing toward us is Halloween. I know you don't worry about that but one of the fun things I like to do is relate TRUE tales of terror from the Christmas Place. People don't realize that the Mississippi Delta is a strange and mysterious place with more hobgoblins than you can shake a stick at, so if you know of any strange tales or supernatural happenings here please write me.
Will also give an update on that worthless, no good, infuriating flea bag of a deer, Thunderhoof, as soon as I can.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Shark Week

It was shark week when Denise and I headed down to the coast to visit Margaritaville.
 As you can see, it was very dangerous so we had to be prepared. Lots of sharks,crooked gamblers, lawyers, and lots of tattooed women. I just can't get Denise to get a tattoo

I made sure that Denise was protected from the sharks (land sharks, too) /This was not reall Denise's cup of tea that she wanted to do for her birthday but it was fun and she was a trooper about it. She even dropped a little money in the slots to see if we could win a million or two but no luck. The best part of the trip for both of us was lying around by the pool at the Beau Rivage doing nothing.
 Denise just hit 39!

We enjoyed the atmosphere, walked out and enjoyed the Margaritaville bar outside with a band area, sand and a tiki bar.Jimmy Buffetts place is more of a local hangout and a place to grab a beer after a day of golf, I'll have to go back sometime.
 Here is a pic of me with a a long-legged woman that got my attention. She was a good sport and I believe that this girl has the longest legs in the world 

Monday, August 06, 2012

Watermelon Carnival 2012

The Watermelon Carnival 2012 was really good. It was low-key but very nice. I did not take many pictures but the truth is that I made the number one mistake of forgetting my camera. The weather was hot but not blistering like in former years and it was a very fun event. The largest melon was at 156 lbs this year and there were several well over 100 lbs. Here is a pic of one of the biggest.
My cousin, Burney, came down to try his hand at selling watermelons and he and his friend, Peyton ,had a good time. They had a lot of yellow-meat melons and sold quite a few.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Looking Out My Front Door

This is a pic looking out the front door of my office. As you can see, Dad is watching and supervising the vendors as they set up this morning from the comfort of our front office porch. Later the park will be filled with people, we may actually have a parking jam around the square and everyone will start making the trek down to get involved with the Carnival.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Carnival Time!

The City of Water Valley has had it's work crews out in force this week. They have been cutting grass, trimming, painting and beautifying the city for the Annual Watermelon Carnival that kicks off today. Tonight the talent contest and music and tomorrow the vendors will start arriving to set up. Tomorrow night is the big street dance. Watermelon sellers will circle the park and all kinds of other activities will be going on. Dad even brought his pontoon boat up here to try and sell. The weather which has been unbearably hot has cooled a little so maybe we can get through it without having a heart attack.
My friend Sandy talked me into ordering a couple hundred tubes of Watermelon Lip Balm that I will be giving away so come by to pick yours up.