Monday, May 19, 2008

A Secret Portrait

I received a letter from Mrs. Susan Richards about my blog and we quickly became friends. Her blog is Dragons Whispers and her art work is featured at Susan's Soul, and at Susan Richards Artwork. She is an artist drawing scenes around Mississippi and wanted to know all about that pesky Thunderhoof. Said she wanted to paint a picture of him. We took off to the camp soon after and I took her and her easel out in the woods to paint his picture. She wondered how we were going to find him out there, but I said don't worry and took a large chunk of cheese out of my pocket and put it on a stump. I told her I was going fishing and left. It wasn't long 'till that big galoot showed up and below is the portrait she painted.
Please go by and visit her sites. Hey, buy one of her paintings before the Hog Guy gets them all.


Marian Love Phillips said...

That's a cool painting of Thunderhoof! :)

Susan Richards said...

Thanks for the opportunity to paint Thunderhoof, was a joy. What a magnificent beast he is!!