Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Updates to Ponder

It is slow here today so I wanted to give a few updates on what has really been going on around here.
Trent- has been weirding me out. I think he is going to explode before deer season gets here. The best thing to do is avoid him this time of year. I really don't want to read the rules for the seventeenth time.

Paul- busy, busy, busy being greedy and selfish.
Here is a pic of what he did while we worked on
stands for everyone at camp.
Yes, he is putting a stand together for himself
and yes he slipped away to the woods for the
rest of the day.

It was pointed out to me by Matt that the Youth Camp is friday the Thirteenth this year. This is bad. Very Bad. I hope that guy with the leather mask that lives in our woods doesn't get too many of our young hunters.
The Christmas Card is coming along fine, but I am quick running out of room. Please send me your pic if you want to be included.
I received word that Spencer (14) and Sarah (15) did very well on their A.C.T. test. In fact well enough to get into most colleges here. Hopefully they will retake it as seniors and try for a few scholarships.
What does Marian say? Charming, Just Charming.


Bugler said...

Rex, email me at so I can reply back with a pic.

Long Ridge Deer Camp said...

Seems like good friends are all alike across the nation when camp comes along! (-:

Matt said...

Thanks for the link. Have fun this weekend!

TXHunter said...

Enjoyed this... wish you all luck