Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Winding Down

It has been a hard season here and things are starting to wind down even though Burney and the Mailrider have not hunted any. They will be there this weekend with the Tennessee boys for a crack at the deer and hogs but everyone else is just plain worn out. I am taking a few weeks off to gather my strength for the last weekend. I hope to invite Bob and Marian up for that weekend and maybe they can get a deer or a hog. I think I want one of those big hogs too.
It has been a strange year and Thunderhoof has not shown his face once this year. I guess he is spending every night chasing does and sleeping all day. Varmint!!
Will check in later.


GUYK said...

Darlene and I hope to make a trip to the states this year...maybe this summer or fall...and will be traveling through your part of the world. Maybe see you then

mailrider said...

Yea- speak for yourself. Hell I haven,t been in a stand all year and the rest of ya'll are worn out? Partner- you can rest in Febuary. Get to camp