Monday, November 28, 2011

How Was It You Ask? Don't

How was it? Not so good. There were some bright spots of course but overall not our best hunt even though the Thanksgiving meal and fellowship was good right up 'till it started raining. It started well as Austin got a doe and Paul got a hog! Then Spencer got a big doe for his first deer of the season.
Then things started to unravel.
Paul shot at a giant buck at 50 yards and MISSED. Yes, I know he sold his soul to the devil for antlers, so this was the most unusual thing I have ever witnessed. We are going to mount the tree limb he shot so all is not lost. I shot a hog, it got away. Michael shot a hog, it got away. Spencer shot a hog, it got away. Where the hell is Phillip?
The Thanksgiving meal was great and I will post pics tomorrow.
Then it started to rain and we were cooped up in the camphouse listening to it pour. The septic tank backed up. You don't want to know. It kept raining and raining. Trent managed a hog in the drizzle on Sunday morning.
Too bad about Paul, you know how humble he is about his shooting ability.