Monday, January 30, 2012

The Last Buffadeer

In the spirit of the man that shot the last free-ranging buffalo, blasted the last carrier pigeon, roasted the last Do-Do bird and scrambled it's last egg, and made a great wing shot on the very last Ivory Billed wood pecker; Paul Howell (aka Satan) made sure this past weekend to get the last deer off the Christmas Place as he shot at every deer that moved, blinked, jumped or fled before him.
Blam! A doe at Stone Flat!
Blam! A buck at Spike Camp!
Blam! Holy Crap! Bambi's mother!
A hail of gunfire rang out over the property and through the swirling haze of smoke Paul Howell strode spitting death in every direction with his 7 mag. as the season drew to a close. Ahh, Paul Howell the American Hunting Poster Boy.

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DeanO said...

i know, these season is to short!