Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I Name You "Evil Dog"

Camo, Hellhound of the Delta, I name you "Evil Dog", Barker in the Night, Howler at the Moon, Snorer in the Dawn, Hater of the Deer, Beggar of Treats, King of Shedding Fur, Butterball to the Gods, Growler at Birds, Sleeper on Watch, Pooter under the Bed, Master of Revolving Doors, Front Seat Hog, I name you "Friend of Thunderhoof the Unspeakable", Traitor to Deer Hunters, Sniffer of Possums, Runner of Armadillos, Hater of 4-Wheelers, 16 Hour Sleeper, Beggar at the Table, Smeller of Turtles, Noise Maker of Automobiles, Chaser of Bumblebees and Worthless Tracker of Wild Hogs
Have you heard Rick Riordan has published his new book called The Serpent's Shadow

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mailrider said...

I just call her moron.