Thursday, October 04, 2012

Deer Hate Computers

The last two weeks have been a nightmare of epidemic proportions but a lot of interesting stuff has been going on that you need to catch up on. You need an update on the work camp. Not really, everyone knows Paul didn't do crap while everyone else worked. Dad's new book has been published, will write about that as soon as I can and a few other things have happened which I dare not talk about, but I digress.....
I came in on Monday, turned on my computer and nothing happened. The damn thing was dead as a door nail. I have been working to get some way to work on appraisals all week and it has been a nightmare. I checked the front and mysterious hoof prints on the box let me know that some horrible deer has sabotaged my computer. What twisted mind and what unknown reason eludes me. All I know is I have had every lender in the country scream at me this week and nothing I can do. Those damn deer will pay for this insult!

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