Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Walls Are For Ghosts

The home that my evil brother Paul bought is encircled by a brick wall about 4 to 5 feet high. It is old and falling apart and has needed some work for some time. It is also causing a problem for the whole town of Water Valley as the people that understand a little bit about the supernatural know that walls around cemeteries or places where people have been buried are there not to keep people out but to keep the ghosts in. Most of the time they can not cross the boundaries unless a gate is open or the walls fall down, and everyone knows that more people are buried in Paul's yard from the time it was a hospital than anywhere in the country.(we forgot to tell him that part) The wall around the old home is falling apart and the houses along Panola St are having all kinds of problems with spooks roaming through peoples bedrooms in the middle of the night and raising all kinds of hell. A petition was signed by the mayor and a letter was sent to Paul to fix the wall or else. This is a pic of the wall being repaired.

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