Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hershel Howell Leaves For Camp

Monday my Dad left this world or maybe left Water Valley to permanently stay at the Christmas Place, which was his idea of heaven. He was 87, and to us still young and vibrant. Everyone here is devastated but know that he went out with his boots on, as they say. The pain is great right now but I will find some humor and tell more stories as time goes by. I will always miss him and carry him in my heart. Hershel Howell was a man, a man that lived life to the fullest and just like he wanted, a true force of Nature.


Jim Hedges said...

Rex, I know that y'all love the place in the Delta, but to me, your dad will always be king of the woods outside of Abbeville. He seemed to know everything that there was to know about hunting and woodslore, but was kind and patient with those of us who did not. He relished life, and I never, ever saw him to be flustered or unable to cope with any situation. I spent many a day with Paul and your family, even back to the days when you lived in the house that I believed to be haunted. Every single time he made me feel welcome, as if I belonged. I'm sorry that he has gone from this earth, but I thank God that all of you had him for as long as you did. That's something to be grateful for.

Editor said...

Thank you Jim

Dazd said...

I haven't been around for a spell, but just checked in. I am sorry for your loss. You're right though, he is spending his eternal peace at the Christmas Place.