Monday, June 09, 2014

The Speckled Coral Rattler

This past weekend at the Christmas Place was a complete disaster except for the heroism exhibited by our fine and loyal camp mascot, Camo.
When the horrible Coral Rattler attacked, my brave dog sprang into action defending the women and children, weaving and bobbing like a mongoose as it closed on the deadly serpent, until Camo darted in like a lightning bolt and grabbed the 8 foot long snake in her jaws, shook it and flung the creature away. Of course everyone cheered and gave her treats for the rest of the day as they should have.
Of course some jealous and disgruntled hunter complained that the snake slid across her foot before she saw it, and they had never heard of a Coral Rattler. Blasphemy!
My hero dog only growled and walked away.


Phillip said...

Camo is a hero! She's just been waiting for this moment.

And those speckled coral rattlers are the worst kind. Did it have any cotton in its mouth? I've heard they use the cotton to plug up the puncture after they bite, so you can't suck the poison back out.

Billy said...

Wow! That is so great that your dog attacked it! I am pretty sure my dog would have barked, but would have been too scared to go anywhere near it.