Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tick, Tick, Tick

Paul and Michael have the whole Christmas Place to themselves for the next couple of days while Trent and I are here in Water Valley working and trying to earn a damn living. Tick, tick, tick, we are waiting on the phone to ring with some god-awful story of a giant mule that Paul has blasted. Worked all morning, tick, tick, tick. Now it is mid-afternoon, tick, tick, tick. Time keeps easing on by with no phone calls yet. I swear I am going up that lake one more time and blast the hell out of that big buck up there. The Peach Bowl is tomorrow at 11:30 AM. tick, tick, tick but I am heading South on New Years Day to start my year off right with a big buck. tick, tick, tick Don't think I could stand it if the phone rings. tick, tick, tick

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